In the words of the Maker: Charlaine Harris at the National Book Festival

One always thinks of the Library of Congress as a place to visit if you are visiting Washington, D.C., but in this instance they are just a mouse click away… on youtube :)

You may remember that we shared with you that Charlaine Harris was going to be one of the keynote authors attending the National Book Festival this past September in D.C.  While we could not attend live, the Library of Congress just posted the 49 minute program with a Q&A via their youtube account. (Thank you krtmd for the find).

So, sit back, relax and enjoy in the words of the maker Charlaine Harris.



While we did not learn any spoiler type information concerning Dead Ever After, it is always wonderful to hear her talking about Sookie and the gang and her other series.

I don’t know about you… but these next 146ish days till book release seems never ending at the moment.

Good thing, we have the books and each other to help time fly quicker :)



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4 comments on “In the words of the Maker: Charlaine Harris at the National Book Festival

  1. Maybe it’s because she’s been doing it for so long but I can’t help but get the impression that she’s somewhat bored when the people are doing a little intro to their questions. I think that would be the best part of being a writer, interacting with your readers and talking about how your work affects them, but who am i to say? Lol. I liked the part about Pam being one of her favorite characters to write and it was interesting to hear her bring up Pam’s ruthlessness because you don’t always see that side of her, at least I don’t. I am SOOOOO looking forward to seeing whose perspective we see in DEA, I hope it’s Eric’s!!! But great video, it was a great refresh so close to the end of the series!

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  3. I loved this! Really enjoy hearing her speak. Yes come on May and June! Thanks guys for this.

  4. Its like people always come up with the same questions, its boring, and the one lady hoping that sookie and sam will end up… so boring, I really don’t get the fascination with Sam, he is like the most boring character of the series. And the people always talk about TB: oh I like it when Bill says Sookieeh, hello? Thats not something Charaline did write in her books.

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