Alexander Skarsgård Premieres “Zero Dark Thirty”

How about a little bit of


this Tuesday?!

Alexander Skarsgård appeared at the premiere of Zero Dark Thirty held at the Dolby Theatre on Monday (December 10) in Hollywood to support his friend, Fares Fares who appears in the movie.

Please check out the gallery of Skarsgasmic sexiness below!

Sources: askarsswedishmeatballs, luvtheviking, and alexanderskarsgrd on Tumblr.

I have to say…he’s looking really hot and scruffy! LOVE IT!

Back to Skarsgazing for me…

Thoughts? Feel free to drool below in the comments!

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8 comments on “Alexander Skarsgård Premieres “Zero Dark Thirty”

  1. Its’ really great that Alex is back in LA, now we can at least get a glimpse of him now and again. Although Alex is looking good now, I can’t wait til he gets back to filming TB, ’cause I’m one of those women who prefer him without the beard/goatee. I know, lots of gals love it, but since I have to live with a hairy faced man (my hubby and its’ his choice to have it) I love them both better without it…..LOL.

    Can’t wait til filming starts in January, only a couple of more weeks really. Then I get “my” Eric/Alex back!!

  2. I’m with you redthang914~Come January we get Eric Northman Back!!!
    I love Eric/Alex either with/without the beard/goatee~ I don’t care which.
    All I care is that we get more Eric/Sookie!!!!

  3. Either way i still think he is super hot !! Eric / Alexander = yummmy !! Oh how i miss True Blood . Hope for Sookie /Eric too.

  4. He is, looking hot, & I will be watching, when season 6, starts.

  5. I don’t mind the scruff myself. But hey, clean shaven Skars, scruffy Skars, Yeti Skars………I can work with all of these options :)

  6. […] We start off this issue with what else…? SKARSPORN! I have nothing much to add except; enjoy the Skarsporn from the “Zero Dark Thirty” premiere! […]

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