What Is True Blood’s Hottest Sex Scene?

RenderedImage.aspxTrue Blood Wetpaint is at it again…this time with a poll to decide – which is True Blood’s hottest sex scene (so far)?

Our favorite Viking vampire, Eric Northman is mentioned in four of the options listed! Two of them are with Sookie…can you guess which ones they picked?

Let’s see if you can guess which ones just from the pics below…



As I mentioned, Eric is mentioned in a couple of others…but not with Sookie. Can you guess which ones from the pics below?



At the time of this post…“Eric and Sookie do the dirty in the woods” was in the lead with 49.7% of the votes; followed by “Eric fantasizes about Sookie while watching a stripper dance” with 17.37%! Either way…looks like everyone loves Eric and Sookie…but we don’t want to lose this lead…cast your votes on the link below!

Vote for True Blood’s Hottest Sex Scene Here!

Haha…I do have to laugh because not only do Bill and Sookie suck in the sex scenes mentioned (and the votes prove it) – but they picked his make-out session with SAM too! LMAO I have another word for that scene, but it’s NOT hot!

Thanks Eric & Sookie Lovers!

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7 comments on “What Is True Blood’s Hottest Sex Scene?

  1. It gotta be Eric & Sookie’s moonlight scene. it’s most beautiful,creative scene that I ever seen. I think it’s more romantic than the shower scene.

  2. Anything that had Eric Northman in it!!!
    Or Alcide Hevereaux~ Otherwise it was all boring!!!

  3. I thought Sookie’s dream in season two was pretty hot!

  4. Yep, I also voted for the “makin’ love in the woods” scene. Sigh…..anything as long as its’ Eric and Sookie together…… Looks like most everyone agrees as far as the Poll goes.

    I hope against all odds that season 6 has them getting back together again. But, who knows what those writers will dream up.

  5. […] of them with Sookie in this latest poll! Find out which ones they are and cast your votes for them here! For some reason, I have “I Wish I Was The Moon” playing in my […]

  6. OMG!!!! I sooo love Sookie and Eric together! I liked Bill also but Eric is just so damn sexy!! What season does the moonlight scene appear in? I don’t have HBO but I have seasons 1 & 2 and have just ordered seasons 3 & 4. I can’t wait to see it. I’ve been waiting for Eric And Sookie to finally get together. Also I have read all the books so far and was wondering if Quinn will ever be on the show as well as the witch Amelia???

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