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It’s Sunday again, and whilst you could be rushing around trying to find everyone the perfect Christmas present, we think you deserve a break to sit with their feet up and watch another Eric & Sookie fan video. I’m feeling romantic this week, quite possibly as I’ve just reached Dead  To The World in my momentous 12 book Sookie Stackhouse reread ahead of May 7th 2013. This week’s video is by sleeptech30

Eric & Sookie


A thousand Years

You can check out the maker on Youtube here.

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14 comments on “Video Of The Week (13)

  1. I never saw this one before and it is awesome!! I loved how Erics’ voice was dubbed over the beginning and that song is the most appropriate song I’ve ever heard!!! Its’ like it was made especially for Eric and Sookie. I just loved, loved, loved this video and put it on my favorites list for sure!!!!!

    Thanks for selecting this one to post for us to enjoy!

  2. Thanks Evie, that is an awesome video! One question…… How can those bastard writers on True Blood not see how much Eric and Sookie belong together? We all see it, why can’t they?

  3. The song is usually associated with Twilight, but I’ve been meaning to make an Eric/Sookie video with it. This may have just given me the inspiration to do so, but I think I might use part 2 instead.

  4. Reblogged this on Fairyblood's Happy Place and commented:
    Love this vid, just falling for Eric and Sookie all over again xx

  5. That was a truly beautiful video. I’ve watched alot of these things but that one actually moved me. The music fit perfectly to the scenes….someone put a great deal of time and effort into it. Bravo!

  6. That was a really beautiful video ! I loved it…only six more months and my Lord I hope this next season is better than last season… but of course I will be watching!

  7. Well…I’ll let you know what I think when I’m able to watch it! This song moves me to tears every time I hear it and it has nothing to do with Twilight. I’ve always thought it was perfect for Eric and Sookie. I’ll watch later tonight when I don’t already have my makeup on and don’t have to explain to anyone why my face is all red and blotchy! :)

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