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In this latest News From The Casting Couch! True Blood has added a new cast member to the show in Season 6!

WARNING: If you don’t want to know – don’t read below!

spoiler warning

arlissblogTV Line shared this exclusive below;

True Blood has crowned a new king… of Louisiana, at least.
Arliss Howard (Rubicon, Medium) is joining the HBO drama’s forthcoming sixth season in the series regular role of Louisiana Governor Creighton Burrell, TVLine has learned exclusively.

The character is described as a good ol’ boy politician who has a major beef with vampires ever since his wife ran off with one, leaving him as a single father to their only daughter. Politically savvy and perhaps overly ambitious, Creighton tends to let his personal aspirations overshadow his humanity.

Howard’s other credits include the films Full Metal Jacket, Ruby, The Lost World: Jurassic Park and Moneyball.

As you know, the Governor was mentioned in a casting call which can be found here!

Hmmm…TV Line mentions that he’s been crowned the new King of Louisiana…does this mean Billith lost his crown or is it only a play on words?

What do you think? Share your thoughts below!

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10 comments on “The Governor Cast On True Blood

  1. Erika:
    YOU’VE made my day!! Arliss Howard, how perfect!!!
    Just hope that he doesn’t utilize a fake/false Southern accent that makes his
    out to be a walking joke???
    Remember that guy who was in last season who took Andy/Jason to the Fairy club?
    I don’t want him to sound like that!

  2. Well, at least they cast the part, I wonder when they’re going to cast his daughter (or did they already?). Really, I don’t care about this political stuff. As far as Billith is concerned, he got bumped as King when he killed Nan. He didn’t tell Jessica however, since Jess didn’t know anything about it. I think hes’ got bigger fish to fry then King of LA. Now that hes’ the big head honcho of all vampires (Blahhhhhh). Can’t get no higher up on the food chain now.

    Just hope that Eric and Sookie get back together somehow before this darn show gets dumped/run its’ course, whatever. Thats’ all I care about anyway.

  3. Thanks for the info. I don’t think to much about it. It doesn’t seem to have any thing to do with Eric and Sookie so I really don’t give a shit. It’s just how I feel.

  4. I can only hope they are bringing in a story-line for Bilith with this governor, to keep Bilith busy and away from Bon Temps. Sookie and Eric already have enough to contend with, with Warlow and this Ben dude and only 10 episodes. Yes, i’m still not over the 10 episodes :(

  5. I say thank god a new king…. Lets hope that Eric and Sookie can get back together before the axe the show…..

  6. I think he’s going to be a human verison of Felipe from the books. I got funny feeling they’re going in the book direction. Don’t forget the shifters are in ties w/ the faery wars. Remember Crystal’s death? She got tortured & killed by faeries? & Niall got introduced before the faery war. Probably Ben’s actually Niall,Like I said.

    Probably Crystal shown up & ends up having a cat fight w/ Jessica. But she winds up as dead in the nude next day, Jason begins to accusing Jessica for Crystal,but faeries ends up kills her. That’ll mite lead to the faery wars. I don’t known.

    But I really really really really really hoping they renewal for 1 more season after S6 if eric & sookie ends up together, That would be my x-mas present.

  7. I sure hope and pray you’re right shelli!

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