POLL: Hottest TV Guys of 2012

RenderedImage.aspxIf you love voting in polls as much as you love Alexander Skarsgård and Eric Northman…we have a new poll you should know about!

This one is from Hollywood Life – where Alex is nominated as one of the Hottest TV Guys of 2012!

skarsgard_3He is up against his usual nemesis, Ian Somerhalder from The Vampire Diaires – among many others! Of course, we’d like to see Alex win (or at least make it appear closer than it is right now). At the time of this post, Alex is very distantly behind with only 4.13% of the votes!

You know what to do…cast your votes on the link below!

Sexiest Men on TV 2012

Thanks Eric & Sookie Lovers!

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10 comments on “POLL: Hottest TV Guys of 2012

  1. Alex gets my vote !!

  2. Well, heres’ another poll. I just went and voted (several times) for Alex. I can’t believe at this time this Darren dude(or IMHO, dud) from Glee is in head. WTF, hes’ even ahead of that guy, who shall remain nameless from TVD. I think a bunch of teeny bobbers are voting……… Sigh, On well, if I have more time later, I’ll go back and vote a bunch more so at least Alex can get a respectful number of votes.

    Everyone get over there and VOTE, VOTE, VOTE so our guy will at least get higher on the list!!!!!

  3. oppps, I musta been asleep, I meant to type “boppers” LOL, sorry…..

  4. Alex`s most beautiful guy & kindred man. Why he`s behind? Those losers are no match for the king viking & Alex can stomp on wussies. :) No one mess with bada** Eric & get away with it >:(

  5. I love Darren Criss, I’m glad to see that at least someone other than Ian is in the lead for once, but Alex always gets my vote.

  6. Reblogged this on Kittyinaz and commented:
    You all know I love Ian, but even he takes a step back to Alez. Here is your chance to vote for our Eric!

  7. Alex got my vote several times over.

  8. alexander skarsgard gets my vote every time.

  9. Darren Criss…REALLY???? I mean yes, he’s talented no doubt, but I have to draw the line at calling him hot. Alex is head and shoulders above him when it comes to the “hotness” factor! I’ve voted several times, but I’m afraid we don’t stand a chance against the hoards of “tweens” who will be voting for Darren and Ian…((sigh!))

  10. […] the latest poll…Hollywood Life would like to know who is the hottest TV guy of 2012? We know who WE want to win…cast your vote for Alexander Skarsgard on the link! He could […]

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