Straight A’s to DVD/Blu Ray

straightAsWe all know it is not easy to score straight A’s in a school setting…. nor does it seem to be any easier in a movie theater :(

It seems that the move Straight A’s, staring our own Anna Paquin (along side Luke Wilson and Ryan Phillippe) will not be making the 2013 festival circuit as expected.

Thanks to the heads up from Anna Paquin Online, we have learned that Straight A’s will be available on both DVD and Blu Ray on March 19, 2013.

To be honest, I am surprised by this quick turn of events and will update here if I learn any more details.

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8 comments on “Straight A’s to DVD/Blu Ray

  1. I’m sorry to hear thay

  2. I still want to see it . I definitely will buy the dvd .I love Anna work .

  3. Well, thats’ a surly disappointment! Its’ a shame that it didn’t get picked up with the great cast Anna worked with on this film. Its’ hard to believe that but I still want to see this movie and either I will rent it after its’ release or if necessary, buy the film just to be able to see it.

    Looks like the Emmy Anna won didn’t help her career in this instance. I hope that its’ not because of her role on TB that changed the critics minds about her. As I think highly on Anna and all her works.

  4. […] Moving on to Anna Paquin news… Unfortunately, her movie “Straight A’s” is going to be released on DVD/Blu-Ray instead of making the festival rounds. If you would like to find out when it will be released, please click here! […]

  5. Straight A’s trailer:

  6. I think it is sad, It looks like it is good movie with a good script and good acting. So many movies making it to the theatres are not.

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