Sneak Peek at “The East”

USA Today released a new picture and more information on Alexander Skarsgård’s new movie, “The East” – which will be premiering at the Sundance Film Festival on January 20th. The festival runs from January 17th – 27th in Park City, Utah.


Photo credit: Myles Aronowitz

This is what they said about “The East”;

Espionage, eco-terror and a love story collide in a new film premiering at Sundance.

Is there morality in terrorism?

The anarchist members of The East, a new film by The Sound of My Voice creative partners Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij, would argue yes. In the thriller, a young, headstrong operative, Sarah Moss (Marling), is hired by an elite agency to infiltrate an eco-environmental domestic terrorist group “wreaking havoc on corporations as acts of revenge,” says Ellen Page, who plays Izzy, an angry, damaged member of the collective.

Led marginally by Benji (Alexander Skarsgard), the group operates democratically and lives, eats and sleeps together deep in the woods. Benji becomes “fascinated by Sarah,” says Skarsgard, as he begins to school her on their simple philosophy: “Benji believes in eye for an eye,” Skarsgard says. “He attacks.”

Inspired by an era when “the Internet has put power back in the hands of individuals,” says Marling, The East sources a host of movements, from Freegans (who attempt to live off the grid by scrounging for food) and the Occupy movement to more radical groups like Anonymous and the Weather Underground.

But as The East ruthlessly targets groups who propagate and profit off of destruction (including pharmaceutical giants disseminating bad drugs and companies willfully polluting innocent communities), Sarah’s loyalty begins to waver.

“The ethics of all of it become very muddled,” says Page, particularly when murder’s on the menu. “The question is, morally, where do you draw the line?” adds Skarsgard. “How far are you willing to go for this cause?”

Following Sound of My Voice, a psychological thriller focused on the world of cults, Marling and Batmanglij were inspired by palpable tension they tapped into during their travels. “It seems like across all generations there seems to be a sense of unrest and confusion about where we are and how we’ve gotten here and where we go next. There’s fiscal cliffs and school shootings. It’s a very strange time,” says Marling.

The East braids Bourne-like espionage into a modern eco-puzzle. But “it’s not preachy,” says Skarsgard. “It’s complicated. The way life is and reality is.”

Page is excited to see how the film’s first audience at Sundance Film Festival later this month responds. “I think it presents some interesting gray areas and important questions.”

The more I hear about this movie, the more I want to see it!

What are your thoughts? Please share ’em below!

Source: USA Today

UPDATE: There is another picture from “The East” – this time Alex is with Brit Marling, who plays the role of Sarah in the movie.


Image source: Fox/Searchlight Pictures

Below is a magazine scan from USA Today, which features these photos and the article we posted above. Special thanks to ASkarsgard.net for sharing the scans!


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11 comments on “Sneak Peek at “The East”

  1. I don’t know if this movie is for me, but I would watch for Alex.

  2. Like the sound of this one. I’m intrigued. Same with Disconnect and What Maisie Knew. I prefer those kinds of smaller, character driven films. I struggled through Battleship, not gonna lie, though internally singing ‘Up Where We Belong’ when AS appeared on screen in that white naval uniform did help some. :)

    • I felt bad for speaking ill of Battleship. LOL Least he’s varied with his choices and doesn’t play it safe or samey, which is good. He does big budget, blockbustery stuff to raise his profile knowing it’ll allow him to do more unusual and riskier stuff like this. Means there’s something for everyone. Smart guy! 

  3. This is my most anticipated Alex movie. Can’t wait!

  4. Well, if I can watch Alex in Straw Dogs, I can watch Alex in anything…… I really didn’t care for several of the movies Alex happens to be in, but still watch them because hes’ in them (at least I watch up to the point when hes’ no longer in the film, then I turn them off). I will watch anything, as long as I get to see him!!!!!

    I am looking forward to this movie and I’m one who doesn’t particularly like any political driven films, but this sounds very interesting and I will go to the theater to see it when it gets released. I will see them all in the theater and if I truly like them, I will buy the DVDs when they become available and that is ONLY because Alex is in them.

    I can hardly wait to see them all!!!!!!!!!!

  5. […] USA Today shared some pictures from Alex’s movie, “The East” and it looks like he’s surrounded by women in this film! (Are you jealous?) For those of you who subscribe to E&SL directly…we’ve updated this post with scans from USA Today and another pic from the movie! Check it out in our sneak peek! […]

  6. I will go see it just just to see Alex. I went to see Straw Dogs, it was okay. I was very disappointed in Battleship because he was killed off way to early for me. I will go see What Maisie Knew and Disconnect if I can find a theater where they are playing. Sometimes it’s hard finding them. I don’t understand why that is.

    • Maisie is the one I’m mostly looking forward to. I liked Battleship, even though I knew he would die pretty soon. I still had to watch for him, never will I regret seeing a sexy man in uniform;)

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