Alexander Skarsgård In Red UK Magazine

300.skarsgard.alexander.tb.lc.061110Alexander Skarsgård is featured in RED UK’s February 2013 issue!

In the article, he talks to Kerry Potter about True Blood, Eric Northman, his latest movie projects and more!

This is what he said about Eric Northman;

“When you first meet Eric, he’s presented to you like he’s your villain. He’s on his throne in [nightclub] Fangtasia. But later, you realise it’s more complicated than that – it’s not like a Disney movie. It’s, like, he did this thing and it’s fucking horrible but now he’s the most loyal person ever.”

He goes on to talk about how much longer he has left of playing Eric.

“I take it one season at a time,” says Skarsgård. “I have to still learn new things about Eric and feel it’s not repetitive. If I feel like I’m stuck then it’ll be time to do something else.”

On why he won’t be giving up his fangs after the show is over…

“When I’m done with the show, I’ll take them home with me. They’ll be my party trick.”

The article goes on to talk about playing Christian Grey. When asked if the sexually graphic nature of the book would be a problem he says;

“Not at all,  Dad’s in Cologne right now working with Lars von Trier on a movie called Nymphomaniac and I wouldn’t turn that down.”

The article ends with the perfect ending IMO;

What a gent, I think. A sex god, yes, but a gentleman sex god.

Somehow I don’t think too many of us will disagree with that assessment! ;)

Check out the yummy Skarsgasmic scans below, which includes the full-paged CK’s Encounter Ad!  Feel free to save so you can read the article in full…you will LOVE what he says about his co-star Onata Aprile from “What Maisie Knew”! ♥

There you have it…Alex is known as a “gentleman sex god” (although we already knew that) and he considers Eric’s fangs his newest party trick!  And what he said about his little co-star Onata? I think there are many who are happy to hear that!


What do you think? Share your thoughts and/or just drool below!

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13 comments on “Alexander Skarsgård In Red UK Magazine

  1. I really hope he comes back for 1 more season if HBO renews it for season 7. If they do it,Probably season 7 evolve around the faery war. I would luv that happens.

  2. Reblogged this on isismama and commented:
    sex god indeed

  3. From the first time I watched a preview commercial for TrueBlood I knew I was going
    to be a major fan of the show~especially of the tall,blond exceptionally handsome
    Vampire who I knew I had to know more about.
    His character’s name was Eric Northman,owner of Fangtasia,Vampire Prince.
    The actor was Alexander Johan Haljmar Skarsgard.
    And he was Swedish acting “royalty”,his father is Stellen Skarsgard.
    Alexander’s Stellen’s first borne,one of seven sons & 1 daughter.

    Over the past five years of TrueBlood,I’ve become obcessed with both
    Eric Northman and Alexander Skarsgard.
    I’m not the only woman who thinks like I do about this wonderful actor/man.
    There are millions of us “Trubies” out all over the World where TrueBlood is
    broadcast~we also scan the web for any news of what’s happening with him.

    Supposedly TrueBlood’s going to end at the end of this upcoming Season 6?
    We true fans are praying for another season???
    Charlaine Harris,Eric Northman’s “mother” had sold Alan Ball the rights to books
    1-7 and we’re coming up on Season 6 beginning in June 2013.

  4. Once again, AB had Anna, Stephen and Alex under contract for 7 seasons, if they make the 7th season that remains to be seen. If they, the show runners, are planning on ending it after this season, they’d better give this the show finale it deserves and not just a dangling cliffhanger ending, as we’d deserve some kind of closure for sure. But, with all that being said. Lets’ move on to the article.

    I truly enjoyed this article, thought it was cool that Alex is keeping Erics’ fangs when hes’ out of the role. Party trick indeed….LOL. Thats’ the Alex I love, the kidder and jokester!! Yes, being a Virgo (like myself) I can say that he indeed fits the description of gentleman sex god along with fitting in with his sun sign completely.

    Thanks for sharing this article with us!! I really enjoyed the new tidbits that Alex shared.

    • Agree with you about the ending. A show that has been as commercially successful as TB deserves a proper planned ending. Hopefully if season 6 is the final one they have already told the writers or they will tell them soon. My fan heart hopes for a 7th season, but I won’t be surprised if this is the final one (can it be a coincidence that Charlaine Harris extended her book series to 13 to match 6 seasons time scale?).

      • Evie, I just read the other day, but can’t for the life of me, remember where… (old age is creeping up on me…..senior moments….LOL) Anyway, I read an article that said the CH only sold AB/HBO the rights to the first 7 books. ????? If so, I could see that the series maybe only extended for the 7th season. I’m a bit confused, as it seems that everyone is talking that this 6th season maybe the last. Does anyone know anything more than what the general public knows at this point????

        I just mentioned that, cause with the way things are going, i.e. reducing the eppys from 12 to 10 due to economic reasons and Anna’s giving birth to the twins (although since we’ve all read already that they will have a nanny (or two) looking after the little ones while Anna is working. It just doesn’t make sense to me that 6 is the end. Although if they continue with all the story lines as in the past and adding a more and more high paid cast members (like RH and the guy who plays Gov. Burrell) its’ no wonder that they are going broke. IMHO, they haven’t been writing strong stories (or more importantly, stories that don’t interest the fans of the show) is the reason I said that 6 maybe the last season of TB.

        • As far as I know it’s only random speculation at the moment. I believe some of the other successful HBO shows had a 6 season run – it’s seems a fairly standard run length. Mark Hudis did get a 2 year contract as show-runner I believe, so HBO may not yet have made up their minds.I think Charlaine Harris was asked about AB only having the rights to 7 books recently and she confirmed he could use stuff from all the books if he wanted to. It’s all a bit of a mystery. At least we know we have at least 10 more episodes of Eric to get our Viking fix :)

          • And yet, he hardly uses anything from the books. Instead giving us a million story lines and characters that no one cares about, he had so much decent material he could have gone with. If the show was done right, it could have lasted as long as the books, but I don’t see it going beyond 7 seasons if even that.

  5. I hope the don’t end this show ever but one day we all know it is coming one day . i still love this show . I will continue to watch as long as they are on Hbo and of course Eric by all means . Congrats to their People Choice Award last night for favorite cable tv show .

  6. The show has begun filming,that happened on Monday.
    Looking foward to seeing what the writers have in store for us???

  7. Redthang914:
    It’s well known that Charlaine Harris sold the rights to Alan Ball for books 1-7.
    It would be wonderful if HBO let the series go for another season.
    Most fans would love that,I know I would.

  8. I miss Alexander so much, I want True Blood back now please!

  9. […] is featured in Red UK Magazine – February 2013 issue! Check out the scans and the interview […]

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