Hudis Takes A Bite Out of True Blood Season 6

hubis__120523010720-275x365Alan Ball’s replacement as True Blood showrunner, Mark Hudis was recently interviewed by Rebecca Raber for a Haverford College publication. Hudis is an alumni from the college. In the article, he sheds some light on what we can expect for True Blood Season 6.

WARNING: For those who don’t want to know – don’t read below!



Hudis shared this below with the publication;

Season five ended with our normally human-friendly vampire hero Bill Compton drinking the blood of vampire savior Lilith, exploding and reconstituting into something evil. “Certainly he’s not going to be the Bill we know and love,” says Hudis of the character’s evolution next season. “He’s going to have more bite, no pun intended.”

What else can we expect? Following a season that dealt with more global issues (such as national vampire politics), Hudis wants to bring the action back to Bon Temps, the small Louisiana town that is home to the show’s central characters, and focus on telling fewer stories with more characters. (True Blood-ophiles might also be interested to know that Sookie and Jason will spend the year searching for Warlow, the vampire that Sookie has been promised to.)

I have a few things to say before you have yours…

  1. Speak for yourself, Hudis…Bill is NOT who I love. As far as I’m concerned…Bill turned to goo and should’ve stayed that way. And watching a bloody tampon oops, I mean Billith walking around on the loose doing God knows what – is not what I care to see either.
  2. I have a funny feeling “he’s going to have more bite” means that we’ll still have to put up with seeing too much of Billith in the coming season. Why didn’t he stay goo?
  3. “Focus on telling fewer stories with more characters.” – say…wha?  How about telling fewer stories with FEWER characters? There’s still too many characters on the show and it only takes away from the main characters. It also means less screentime for our faves, Eric and Sookie. tumblr_ltjuzpivEy1qca4ez
  4. From the sounds of it, if Jason and Sookie are spending the year looking for Warlow, where does that leave Eric? It certainly sounds like we’re not going to be getting very many scenes with Eric and Sookie in them together this season. How disappointing.

Special thanks to SkarsgardFans.com for the scans from the publication…check them out in the gallery below.

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30 comments on “Hudis Takes A Bite Out of True Blood Season 6

  1. Eh Meh Ged. MORE Billith? Shouldn’t someone have washed him down a freakin’ drain already?? And, *UGH* – Like we need MORE characters?? I totally agree: smaller, better stories with fewer characters would be awesome – and make the show worth watching.

    I understand from other articles that Sookie gets hooked up with yet ANOTHER character WHO ISN’T ERIC. Stop making her into Truck-Stop Sookie, send Jason after this (yet ANOTHER new character) Warlow, and let her get back with Eric already!

    And, no, Hudis, I didn’t love Beehl before he mutated into Billith. I’m going to wander off shaking my head now. ‘Bye…

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    Booo. That is all I am going to say.

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    Eh Meh Ged. MORE Billith? Shouldn’t someone have washed him down a freakin’ drain already?? And, *UGH* – Like we need MORE characters?? I totally agree: smaller, better stories with fewer characters would be awesome – and make the show worth watching.

    I understand from other articles that Sookie gets hooked up with yet ANOTHER character WHO ISN’T ERIC. Stop making her into Truck-Stop Sookie, send Jason after this (yet ANOTHER new character) Warlow, and let her get back with Eric already!

    And, no, Hudis, I didn’t love Beehl before he mutated into Billith. I’m going to wander off shaking my head now. ‘Bye…

  4. I agree with your summary. By the end I prayed someone would just wet vac him and be done. The Billith thing is boring I want more Eric and Sookie.

  5. Of course Hudis is going to continue AB’s legacy of TB as “The Bill Show.” I never believed it would be otherwise. All the writers seem it be enamored of the most boring character on the show. My daughter’s theory is that Bill became Billith not to grab power for himself, but to unite the vampire community and make them more amiable to humans thereby making Bill once again Mighty Mouse to the rescue. This show holds no surprises for me.

  6. Isn’t me or article’s bullsh*t. I don’t want this another boring season w/o Eric & Sookie. Alan Ball promised us there’ll be Eric & Sookie in season finale. But now Mark Hudis ruins for us w/ his damn poltic stuff & too many stories. This isn’t Law & Order.

  7. I really hope that Hudis takes notice of the fans desire for the series to get back to resembling the books somewhat. Season 5 veered so far off track it was ridiculous. If season 6 is going to be all about Billith and the Stackhouse hunt for Warlow, I won’t be watching unless Eric is tagging along with them. I guess that’s what FanFiction is for – filling in for what’s missing, yes?

  8. I don’t think that the story writers give any thought to the relationships within the books. I believe Steven was hired to be the head liner and they are pushing that agenda big time (especially now he and Anna are married). In saying that I wonder if they realise that if they stuck more to the minimalistic style of the books instead of opening up more and more characters and story lines – it would be cheaper to make – they could spend more time making the show thus getting better performances from the actors and more importantly I think we the fans would enjoy the experience more – getting to know the filled out character rather than just glimpses here and there and maybe getting to see some book story lines.

    I don’t know about anybody else but I still keep asking myself “Why did they give Bill Eric’s shower scene and then #?&% up what is one of the highlights of the books with that V ride. What The?

    Any how my bid is for less is more.

  9. I couldn’t agree more with you, Erica & Meridian!

    I never ever loved Bill, and for sure never liked him! Ieuw! ..
    I already disliked him from the beginning of True Blood!
    And indeed, why didn’t he stay goo ..
    I found it sad for Sookie, but i was happy! ..
    Until the seconds after that :s , i was like, why?! ..

    Now i’m not even sure if i want to watch this season ..
    There are not going to be a lot of Eric & Sookie scenes,
    and like Erica said, that’s a big dissapointment :( ..

    Grr, why did they have to replace the writer for a Bill lover ..

  10. Mark:
    Have not liked William Thomas Compton III since Season 2.
    And like him even less as the seasons have progressed.
    Especially Season 3 when his true colours were shown and his betrayal came out.
    Give the fans what they want and that is Eric Northman and Sookie Stackhouse.

    I never really wanted to know about the Authority~it was better left in the background.
    Bill’s time has run it’s course~Now is the time for Eric to shine.
    I hope and pray that we’re not going to get more Bill.

    Also please stop adding cast members~the show’s complicated enough.
    Get back to the core cast members of Bon Temp’s.

  11. Miranda:
    They should have replaced AB with someone who was neither a Bill or Eric Lover.
    They should have chosen someone who liked Pam,Sookie or Tara,Arlene.
    And written the show from one of the woman’s point’s of view????
    Or from LaFayette’s point of view?~That would have been a hoot!!!

  12. After reading this I am very discouraged. I have a theory that the writers keep trying to find plots and devices to make Bill’s character stronger and more attractive than Eric’s (king didn’t work so maybe all powerful vampire tampon-God). Has there ever been a show that seems to go to such lengths to alienate most of their fans? Waiting for the newest season hasn’t sucked at all the last couple years! It would appear that this season will be just as ho-hum and frusrtrating as the last 1 and 1/2 have been! BLECH!

  13. Good to finally hear something from the new show-runner even if he didn’t give us any clues about what Eric will be up to. The bit about Bill having more bite is pretty much what I think most of us expected anyway, that Bilith will be very powerful and very unpleasant.

    Sookie working with Jason to find Warlow – mixed reaction to that. Is that Hudis’s subtle way of telling us that there is no romance for Sookie again this season? But I do actually like Sookie and Jason being together. Sookie is much more likable when she is interacting with her brother than when she has hordes of men trying to get her into bed, and it gives Jason something useful to do rather than wander off on his own waste of time story-line. I do like the Warlow mystery (and all the books have a mystery in them) and Sookie is certainly going to be busy with the introduction of more fae characters too. Hopefully she will still find a bit of time for Viking appreciation :)

    I just need some clues about Eric now. Pam taking him home to Fangtasia will be a good starting point!

  14. Hear, Hear Ladies!!!!! I TOTALLY agree with Erika (and it seems, the rest of you too). Couldn’t have said it better myself!!!! I agree with ya’ll 150%!!!!!!!!

  15. Reblogged this on isismama and commented:
    Feeling wary about next season…

  16. Peecan:
    Alan Ball was really enamoured with Stephen Moyer,and he chose to write TrueBlood
    with William Thomas Compton III as “The Good Vampire” and chose to make
    Eric Northman the “Bad Vampire”~ but it’s really the opposite way around.
    if you notice in the past 5 Season’s we only got snippets when it came to
    Eric/Sookie’s storylines~ and we got Bill’s storylines forced down our throats.

    Alan Ball couldn’t/wouldn’t let Bill die a Final Death in Season 5
    No, Bill had to come back as Bilith and we’re going to have to put up with him
    for Season 6~ Hopefully this won’t be the last Season??????

  17. PrincessBrigent:
    Hope that you’ve read these six fanfictions by Morgaine Swann listed below??
    1.The Understanding 2. She’s Coming Home 3. LATE!!!!!
    they should be read in order~ Late’s my very favourite.
    It’s 108 Chapter’s long~so far. and it tells of some connections that TrueBlood or
    Charlaine Harris doesn’t even touch on~or she leaves us wondering about????

  18. I want to go on record that I didn’t read his comments the same way every one else has…first, I don’t think he’s necessarily saying that they are literally adding more characters–I tnink he’s saying that MORE of the existing characters will be centered around fewer storylines….in other words, kiss nonsense like the ifrit sideshow goodbye, Honeys!

    Also, I don’t pick up on any redemption for Bilith in season 6–just the opposite. I think they are purposefully not mentioning Eric and Sookie cuz that’s the one storyline the majority of fans are bloodlusting for–this is the beginning of the slow tease.

    My big prediction? they will borrow from one of my favorite book storylines when Eric tricks Sookie into vamp marriage–to protect her from Warlow….and Bilith.

    Only time will tell, let the games begin, My Friends!!!

    PS Can I just commend Peecan for “all powerful vampire tampon God”?! You made my day!

    • I read it that way too and just posted similar not having read your comment. Sorry. I think the vamp marriage/light bond thing will be brought into play as a way to thwart Warlow too. I mentioned something simlar to that a wee while back as well. So we’re thinking along the same lines which has to be promising right? ;)

      • Absolutely, Miss Willowbella :)!! Great minds at work here! And I really think we are on to something w/ the vamp marriage idea—I started hoping for it when this stupid Warlow thing became clear that Bill is not warlow….I think it would give Sookie and Eric their fiery, entertaining banter back from earlier seasons–she’d be p.o.’ed he manipulated her, but now she trusts him overall–way to spice it up AND bring them back together in believeable way…..

        And major kudos to Mark Hudis for bringing it on home to Bon Temps!! I think this could be the best season in a long while because he isn’t EGO DRIVEN like Mr. Ball and isn’t using our show to make sweeping political, religious statements over story and character development….Have Faith, Truebies!

  19. And Peecan, I’ve pretty much seen Bill that way long before he turned into bilith :) HA.

  20. I found this promising actually. I assumed he meant fewer storylines with several main characters involved in them. So less C and D storylines, if you like. Basically more characters tied into the same storyline – unlike last year where they only came together at the end. That’s been a major criticism from both fans and critics so I hope that’s what he meant.

    Also liked that he’s essentially confirming Bill will be the big bad this season. I loved Stephen Moyer from midway to the end of last season…I think SM really enjoyed playing Bad Bill. You could tell he liked having more to do than just pine and whine.

  21. JEEZ-Have been waiting for their marriage to be portrayed in this series FOREVER! It’s the best part of the books-c’mon! :[

  22. Erika you are spot on with your comments! I was going to copy and paste them in my reply, but that would make this to long. I say ditto, ditto ditto! There is no Beehl love. Fewer stories with more characters, fewer characters more stories, no one gives a shit. There is only two character we care about. Do I dare hope to think that they will give us the vampire marriage between Eric and Sookie ? Been burned by this show and it’s Beehl loving writers to many times. If all we get this year is more bullshit, there will be no seventh season. Just my opinion.

  23. I guess I won’t be renewing my HBO account after all. When I watch the DVD’s I spend as much time FF to the good (non-ridiculous, vampire/Eric) parts as watching the whole episode. If the sun is shining, I hit the FF button.

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