Raising the Dead: Reflecting on From Dead to Worse

Celebrating SVMNow that it is 2013, most of our countdown clocks till that fateful day in May have started in earnest. Along with our feelings of joy/anxiety over what we will learn in this final installment of the Southern Vampire Mysteries/Sookie Stackhouse Novels by Charlaine Harris.

I for one can not wait.

But since we must wait, we here at ESL are enjoying our casual discussions as we reflect and remember each book of the series. In this edition, we are “raising the dead” on the 8th novel of the SVM; From Dead to Worse.

How did reading it make you feel? Could you put it down?

B: I loved this book and it is actually one of my favorites. It actually left me feeling content. My first copy of the book never left my hands and I started my second reading of it right away.
Erika: This book is one of my favorites too. Could I put this book down? Not very often. It was a fast read. Except for the pack master crap.
Nymerias: I can’t ever put down any Sookie Book. As for the pack master crap, I hated everything to do with it. It was too long and bored me to death.
B: Hmmm, I was happy with the pack master crap. Cause it signaled to me that Alcide was very firmly out of the suitor discussion because he would be putting pack first.. and raise pups.

What moment made you laugh?
We all could not seem to pin one moment down that made us laugh out loud. But I (B) admit to giggling with glee over the kiss Eric and Sookie shared on the side of the road after the Were attack (after meeting Niall for dinner)… up against the corvette. Who else wasn’t thinking “take me you big Viking”?
What moment made you cry?
Nymerias: I did not cry while reading this book, but it was a very sweet moment when Eric remembered everything and all the emotions that came out of it. I also liked when he bought her a new phone to replace the one he broke. It was a warm feeling moment.
Erika: Nothing really made me cry either, but I did get choked up when Eric’s memory returned and his reaction from it.
B: I too, found nothing to cry cry about while reading this book… though there was some slight nausea at the deceleration at the
Favorite Moment/Line from the book:
And like every other time we try to pick our favorites from the books, we tend to agree.. and we pick more then 1!
Erika: My fave moments (and there are many):
  • Eric rushing to Sookie’s house during the takeover, and the return of his memories.
  • Sookie saving Eric and FDC from Siebert.
  • I liked it when Eric picked Sookie up and took her to meet Niall for the first time.
  • And when they were pulled over by the cops afterwards.
  • I also liked the part when Sookie meets Hunter and discovers he has telepathy too.

Some of my favorite quotes from the book:
  • “When you smell like that, I just want to fuck you and bite you and rub myself all over you.”
  • “He’ll spare you. You’re too unique to waste.”
  • “I can’t believe I felt something so strongly and was so happy for the first time in hundreds of years.”
Nymerias: Jinx! Everything Erika listed. Especially the “When you smell like that, I just want to fuck you and bite you and rub myself all over you” and the “I can’t believe I felt something so strongly and was so happy for the first time in hundreds of years” quotes.
B: I am with all of you on these. The big moments for me were the car ride to and from the dinner with Niall, Eric getting his memories back, and Sookie saving Eric from Siebert….  I’m really really wanting to reread this book again…. right now!
What are some of your thoughts and favorite moments in From Dead to Worse? Share them below!

About B

Really, there is never enough Eric... I'm loyal to the Viking, no matter what. I will love him whether in Book, Show, and just because... my first thoughts are of him and I close my eyes to dream of him. As far as I'm concerned, the night can not get here soon enough.

3 comments on “Raising the Dead: Reflecting on From Dead to Worse

  1. B:
    I’m with you,I’m Loyal to the Viking Prince,Eric Northman.
    I always will be,no matter what.
    I also dream of him,he’s never far from my mind
    And the only person who belongs with him is Sookie Stackhouse.
    I will also protect his lair.

  2. I loved FDtW! I was left with a giddy anticipation of things to come for Eric & Sookie. Lets just say this was the last book in the series that I truly enjoyed….

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