True Blood Gets Glued

bestof2012As some of you know, Get Glue is a social network where you share what you’re doing at any given moment. If you check into certain TV shows and/or movies, you earn stickers and if you check in often enough, you can get real stickers sent to your home.

True Blood is just one of many TV shows featured. Each week during the season even we (Eric & Sookie Lovers) “check in” to let others know we’re watching…and to earn the featured sticker for the week!

In 2012 we’re pleased to tell you that True Blood reached the top spot in Top Scripted Cable Showsbased on new episode activity and came in 3rd in Top Scripted Cable Shows – based by total activity! They also reached top spot in Top Scripted Shows by Genre and 4th in Most Talked-About Scripted Shows!

If you don’t believe me…check out the image below, which was taken from Get Glue’s website.


Image credit: GetGlue.com

What’s that…? They beat The Vampire Diaries in a couple of categories? Yay! At least we beat them in something!

If you have never heard of Get Glue or checked into the show during the season…we definitely think you should give it a try! It’s a lot of fun and you get stickers too!

What are your thoughts? Please share ’em below!

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3 comments on “True Blood Gets Glued

  1. Sounds like I have to begin posting on GetGlue?
    And I just heard that Dexter is going to be going head to head with TrueBlood.
    Read this on Highlight Hollywood in Tommy Lightfoot Garrett’s column.

  2. All I know is I want an Eric sticker :)

  3. […] True Blood was the Best of 2012 when it comes to Get Glue, the social network where you “check in” to receive stickers of your faves! Find out which categories and where they ranked over at Get Glue in 2012! […]

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