Alexander Skarsgård featured in ELLE Russia

Tumblr… there are times you can be an excellent source of information.

I say this for I spied with my little eye…. a possible future addition to my Skarsgård magazine collection; Alexander Skarsgård (our favorite for so many reasons) is featured in Elle Russia’s February 2013 edition.

Now I like many people do not speak or read Russian. Thankfully, a fellow tumblr blog was able to post the translations.

This first scan is from the table of contents.

Alex in ELLE Russia Feb13

Alexander Skarsgård, Hero:

“Zoolander”(the film that started his Hollywood ascension), vampire-barman from the show “True Blood,” “monster” friend of Lady Gaga, and the face of the Encounter scent from Calvin Klein confessed to Elle that his main point of pride is not the world-wide fame, but his large family. The actor has 6 brothers and a sister. “I am constantly in awe of my mother’s sincerity. She has always been honest and direct. I am not like that.” Did we succeed in getting the actor to come clean with us? Read about it in the article by his name-sake, Alexandra Parsadanova — Hot or Not.

*(Translator’s note: The Russian title for “Zoolander” is, apparently, “Male Model”)

The second scan is the “Hot or Not” feature.

Alex in ELLE Russia Feb13 (2)

“Elle Beauty Answers” (the heading of the page):

Alexander Skarsgård, actor and the face of the new Calvin Klein fragrance, Encounter, on movies, literature, and his other interests.

Hot or Not:

Not Cool: “It’s hard when you have no money. Once, when I was a student, I visited Moscow briefly. It was January, freezing, and didn’t have a cent. If my pockets weren’t so empty, I would have bought some vodka.”

Cool: I love re-watching black-and-white Marx Brothers comedies. I’ve been a huge fan since childhood.

Not Cool: Parts of “cool guys” or one-dimensional protagonists. I would much rather play villains. They tend to be more complex.

Cool: I would love to play James Tyrone from “Long Day’s Journey Into Night,” or Behemoth from “Master and Margarita.” He is incredibly charming. 

Cool: I sometimes like to run away to the Stockholm archipelago. My parents have a house there, on one of the islands. There I can turn off my phone, read, and wander around the forest as much as I like.

Thank you to both skarsjoy (for the scans) and stillhidden (for the translations)

So… what did you think? Yes, most of this is stuff we already know. But it is comforting to read again.

Of course… we would not need to be asked if Alex is “Hot or Not?”.

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  1. well i can read some Russian…but i read very slowly.. let me know if they ever post something in Hebrew about him than i volunteer to be your translator LOL

  2. Thanks for posting this B. Its’ great to hear our Viking is getting the international attention he deserves!!! I hope that there are a lot of TB scenes with Eric this up coming season!!!!!

  3. I thank the person who translated the Russian!!
    His answers are very interesting to say the least.
    And can’t wait to see Season 6!!!

  4. He is also featured in a Swedish magazine LifeStyle. I think I found the link on Twitter yesterday but I believe it was posted by askarsgard.com. I don’t know if they have a tumblr but it was an interesting article as well. Sorry, I’ve been sick all week and my brain isn’t functioning!

  5. […] Skarsgard appears in Russia’s ELLE magazine! Check out the scans and read the full translation […]

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