EW Interviews Alexander Skarsgård at Sundance

sundanceewinterview5Alexander Skarsgård was interviewed at the Sundance Film Festival by Entertainment Weekly – along with the rest of the cast and crew from his movie, “The East”. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to post the video player on here for you to see, but we have the link!

In this interview, they talk about what the movie is about, “Stockholm syndrome” and there’s an epic Skarsbrow for you to drool over!

EW.com: Alexander Skarsård talks “The East” at Sundance

We’ve also screencapped a little bit of the video for you too! Check out the gallery below!

Loved this interview, especially when they talked about how Brit’s character falls in love with Benjy (Alex’s character) and how it’s like “Stockholm syndrome” and how Alex IS FROM Stockholm! LOL

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8 comments on “EW Interviews Alexander Skarsgård at Sundance

  1. Love the interview, Alex is so cute!

    This was the first time i saw an interview with Alex,
    and i heard his ‘real voice’ .. The voice he has as Eric is lower,
    more sensual, or something ;-)

  2. Wonderful interview !! Love it … Alex is so sexy & talented …

  3. Thanks for the link. I was wondering if there would be any interviews,

  4. Thanks so much Erika for posting this for us to watch!! I can’t wait to see this movie, of course mostly because Alex is a lead in the film and it sounds intriguing.

  5. omg!!! did you see how he raised his eyebrow i wanted to squeak!!!

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