Video Of The Week (17)

Ok I did say that I was taking a break from posting these but it turns out I am a big, fat liar. Seriously how can a girl just stop posting Eric & Sookie videos when such talented and dedicated people keep on making them? This is a fresh little gem from andrajacsi. Very original, great editing and obviously it’s Sooric. What more could we possibly want to make our Sunday complete? (Except some pictures of a Swedish Sex God at Sundance if we’re really lucky!)

Sookie & Eric in

I still love him

You can check out the maker’s work further here

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9 comments on “Video Of The Week (17)

  1. WOW, Evie I just loved this one. I haven’t seen it before and I watched it three times and I’m still blown away!!!!! Thank you for posting this one and making my Sunday almoste complete (hopefullyl we do get some pics from Sundance…..).

  2. There was a facebook photo last night with The Viking and some lucky woman
    Alex was “Stone faced” but the women looked like she’d hit the jackpot.

  3. I love love love this video.

  4. Reblogged this on isismama and commented:
    I love this video.

  5. This one is great, I especially love how she edited the ending.

  6. This is one of the best for me . I totally love it . Thank you for posting it for us. Great job on it !!

  7. What a great video! Thanks for sharing. Please don’t stop Video of the week. I so look forward to it.

  8. So great!!! I love it, very original and touching!!

  9. […] Our pick for this week’s Video of the Week is called, “I Still Love Him”, sung by Lana del Rey and created by andrajacsi! Check out this poignantly brilliant video here! […]

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