2 More Season 6 Roles Cast

TV Line have today announced that two more of the new Season 6 recurring roles have now been cast.

If you don’t want to know, then please don’t look below!


Friday Night Lights grad  Jurnee Smollet is Bon Temps-bound.

The actress is joining True Blood’s upcoming sixth season as a series regular. Additionally,90210‘s Amelia Rose Blaire has landed a recurring stint on the HBO hit.

Smollett, who will next be seen in NBC’s midseason thriller Do No Harm, will play Nicole, a do-gooder who possesses the rosy outlook of someone that life hasn’t beaten down yet. She’s not concerned with money and more concerned with the doing what’s right.

Blaire, meanwhile, will portray Willa, the daughter of Louisiana Governor Truman Burrell (played by Arliss Howard). She has long clashed with her father over vampire rights.

True Blood‘s sixth season is slated to premiere in June.


Jurnee Smollet


Amelia Rose Blaire

Congratulations to them both!

Source – TV Line

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8 comments on “2 More Season 6 Roles Cast

  1. Great news happy for them both .. Alex did say in a interview Bill will be back but he did not say how and to prepare for a big war . i hope for Sookie & Eric moments a girl can only hope .

  2. Well I guess I’m glad that they cast the parts, but like so many others, I really don’t care about the additional cast members any longer, I just want to see the main story of Eric and Sookie and what happens with them………

    • I soooooo agree with you redthang914…..I just want to see the main story of Eric and Sookie and what happens with them………God I hope they don’t have one of them be a love interest for Eric.

      • Eric doesn’t get love interests, just someone to screw. I swear, they think that’s all he’s good for.

        • You are correct there. Here’s hoping that is not what these new cast members are for.

          • I doubt it, they probably won’t have anything to do with him. I don’t see him fooling around with little girls and that’s the vibe I get from them, he seems to prefer women. Hell, that one girl on the top used to be in Full House, which was my favorite show as a kid. I just can’t see her with Eric, that would be so wrong…lol!

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  4. Willa has an Amelia feel to her, other than the first name of course. I wonder if she’ll be a witch.

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