The East Official Trailer plus Sundance Interviews


Having a blue Monday? Fear not for the official trailer for Alexander Skarsgard’s Sundance debuting movie The East is finally here. And without further ado, here it is:

Great trailer – we are sure you will agree – and we are  pretty excited about getting to see this movie as soon as possible.


Meanwhile over  at ET they have a short article and a picture of a rather hippy looking, almost unrecognizable, Mr Skarsgard.


You can check out the article here

You want more?

Of course you do and here are a couple of interviews from Sundance:

Sometimes Monday’s aren’t so bad after all!


And sometimes all the goodies from (Sundance) Monday’s roll right over into Tuesday!

From Extra!

Alex also sat down with Krista Smith of Vanity Fair. While we can’t embed the video at this time we do have the link to the interview

Alex Sundance VF interview

Alex and Ellen tagged teamed a sit down chat with HitFix.com. Check out their interview below!

We also know Alex and Ellen  spent some time with MTVnews while in Sundance. As soon as we get the video, we will share with you :)

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5 comments on “The East Official Trailer plus Sundance Interviews

  1. Thanks for posting all this about The East Evie, I really appreciated all this. I can hardly wait to see this movie!!!

    I can’t wait to see Alex in the role and after seeing the one “hippie-like” pic shown above (he looks like he needs a flea dip or something – Yikes!!!) I’m very glad to see that further in the film he “cleans” his act up and gets a haircut and shave. I’m sure that this will be an outstanding movie though and I’m sure Alex will be excellent in it!!!!

  2. Great reviews & great trailers & one tall viking you can not ask for anything more . I love it already . I heard it won.t come out until 2014 though .I hope it was sooner .

  3. Thanks for sharing. I just hope it will be at a theater near me. Most of his films, with the exception of Battleship, have not been at any theaters. I’m not from a small town. I’m from the Detroit area and I think someone should show some of his movies.

  4. Reblogged this on eys and commented:
    rewind is my favorite button. oh , and pause, too. anyone got screenshots?

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