There’s a “Big War” coming to Bon Temps


Whilst new show-runner Mark Hudis has already given a clue to Sookie Stackhouse’s main story-line for True Blood Season 6 (trying to solve the mystery of her contract with  Warlow) we have been waiting to find out what our main man, Eric Northman, is going to be getting up to. And over at the Sundance Film Festival, Alexander Skarsgard has finally given a little hint to Wetpaint Entertainment.

Wetpaint Entertainment: What can you tell us about Season 6 so far?
Alexander Skarsgard: I’ve only gotten the first two scripts, but from what I’ve read, it’s good stuff so far.

What should we expect?
There’s a big war coming up — a big war.

Will Bill be back?
Bill will be back, yes.

In the same form in which we’ve come to know him?
Ah, that I can’t say. I can’t say. But it will be good.

So war is coming to Bon Temps and it sounds like Eric Northman will be right in the middle of it.  But who will be at war? The most likely scenario (following on from season 5) would be Humans v Vampires. A version of the books Fae War is also a possibility now we know that Niall is to make an appearance in Sookie’s life. Or perhaps it will  be Good Vamps v Bad Vamps, with Eric and Bloody Bilith lining up on opposing sides?  All we know is if Mr Northman needs any help carrying around his big viking sword, we’ll be happy to volunteer!

Don’t forget to let us know what you think about Alex’s first hint about Season 6, and who you think might be going to war. And don’t forget to cross your fingers that they will still find time for some Eric and Sookie Loving in the middle of the upcoming chaos!

Source – words Wetpaint and picture Hollywood Life

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6 comments on “There’s a “Big War” coming to Bon Temps

  1. Well Evie the way I look at it as you stated in your article the “war” could be any of those you mentioned. I would like to think since they are introducing RH as Sookies’ ggggrandpa Niall, it would be a late coming fae/vampire war, but the way things were heading towards the end of last season, it could also be a human/vampire war. Its’ anyones’ guess I believe. We’ll see when we see. Also JM said in a recent interview that they were doing “some stuff” this season that happened earlier in the books this coming season, which led me to believe it would be the fae/vampire war. Who knows??
    I was glad to hear that Mark Hudis said that they were paring down the number of storylines but adding more characters to the story so it may work out better than I originally thought.

    I truly hope that Hudis pulls this show out of the mess that AB has created and gets it back on track this year. Sadly, I don’t think we’ll have Eric and Sookie interacting anytime soon in this new season, but I am hoping that towards the end of the season they get them back together where they belong!!!!!

  2. Can’t wait for Episode 1,Season 6.
    And I also can’t wait to see who’s going to be going to WAR???
    Wish that we get to see Dr. Ludwig~she’s needed in Bon Temp
    A war between Fae vs Vampire vs Human,if that’s the case then she’s going to be
    super busy taking care of all the casualties???

  3. Maybe Bill is going to finally take that much needed trip to Peru! Ya right, I’m just day dreaming!

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  5. all i can say is there is going a bust up! i hope that the llama get’s what’s coming to him!

  6. I hope they build more chemistry on Eric and Sookie and not necessarily show them together, because anticipation to that romance is absolutely as good as the romance ;)…

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