Alexander Skarsgård at “Disconnect” Premiere


Hope you’ve recovered from those nasty Skarsgasms caused by the sexy Skarsporn caused by “The East” premiere at Sundance – because you’re in for some more!

Alexander appeared at the world premiere of his movie, “Disconnect” at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival on Thursday, January 24th.

Check out the images from the event in the gallery below!

Please note: We will be adding more pics to this post as they come in, so  please keep checking back for more!

Sources: @santabararians, nickbabs773 on Instagram, porschagirl.tumblr.com, @joey_buttitta, askarsgard.com, JB Lacroix/wireimage.com

A couple of them were shared by fans…lucky them!

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  1. Thanks Erika for all the wonderful pics from the SBIFF. Alex looks (and sounds in the videos) so happy and relaxed. I’m happy too from all the Skarsporn of the last few days!! I could never have/see enough of him….ever.

  2. I am so happy for him . He is on his way for sure now . Great reviews & Handsome . Who can ask for anything more .

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  4. […] appeared at the “Disconnect” premiere at SBIFF! Check out the photos from the event! And that’s not all…Alex spilled some spoilerish […]

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