Alexander Spills at SBIFF on True Blood Season 6


Which is better – photos or videos of Alexander Skarsgård at the “Disconnect” premiere at SBIFF? We don’t know either…but since we’ve already shared some pics…how about some videos?

The first 2 videos show the cast walking the red carpet and being interviewed at the event. In the 3rd video, Alex reveals some spoilerish info on True Blood Season 6!

WARNING: If you don’t want to know – don’t watch below!

Here are three videos for your viewing pleasure!

Video 1 – thanks to WorldMonitorTV:

Video 2 – thanks to TheWorldMonitorTV:

Video 3 – thanks to YoureTheStarVideo:

E! Online also shared some scoop in their Spoiler Chat article!

This is what they said;

Maya: True Blood scoop? Particularly of the Eric variety?
“We just started True Blood season six two weeks ago,” Alexander Skarsgård reveals to us. So where are the naked on-set photos? We kid. Sort of. Skarsgård also spilled that the Bill-Eric dynamic will be more explosive than ever in the new season. “Bill is kind of dangerous now, even for an old, strong vampire like Eric,” he tells us. “So he’s got to be real careful.” As long as he’s shirtless while he’s careful, we’re on board.

Yay! From the sounds of it, at least we don’t have to worry about that bad bromance between Eric and Bill. Can I say how much I HATE the fact they’re making Bill out to be more powerful than Eric? I call…BULLSH*T!! Eric is supposed to be more powerful than Bill. It still sounds like we’re not going to be getting very many Eric and Sookie scenes together…how disappointing. :(

What do you think? Share your thoughts below!

UPDATE: Here’s a cute video interview with Alex at the “Disconnect” premiere – who gets interviewed by teenagers from SBMSTeenPress!

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24 comments on “Alexander Spills at SBIFF on True Blood Season 6

  1. They just have to make Bill stronger than Eric huh ! They are really making me sick with this .

  2. Erika:
    YOU know how I feel about ERIC NORTHMAN & how I totally detest his rival
    William Thomas Compton III~Bill Compton’s a horrid person/Vampire.
    Bill is not honorable,Eric is the honorable Vampire who still holds on to his humanity
    softside and has compassion toward others.
    I only want Eric to end up with Sookie.
    Don’t care if Bill Compton meets his Final Death!.

  3. i want Bill to become goo forever this time!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I just love him! He is always so sweet and kind to interviewers and fans.

  5. Thanks for those Erika. I wouldn’t be too disheartened about Eric & Sookie just yet. We don’t know who the “we” are who have to deal with Crazy Bilith. It could be Eric and the other vamps or it could be Eric & Sookie :)

    • Oh, I’m not disheartened…yet. ;) I’m hoping the “we” is Eric and Sookie. :) That would be great! An interesting twist to see Eric and Sookie working together as a team.

      For the record, I’m not surprised by any of this. We knew what was going to happen as soon as Bill drank Lillith’s blood. I’m just sick and tired of seeing True Blood being the “Bill” show, when it SHOULD be about Sookie. I know the show isn’t the books and I’m not saying it should be. The fact TB has come up with this “Billith” storyline is ridiculous to begin with and I can’t help but mock it publically. LOL If you think I’m being serious with my post reactions, then you have no sense of humor. I’m a very sarcastic person. LOL

      That’s JMHO…

      • IT sure as shit should be about Sookie. No matter what happens with on TB, we still have the books and we will forever have the memory of Bill turning to GOO on the show. To me the Bill Compton that gets described as HERO met the True Death when he drank the Kool-Aid! LMAO

      • I know you have a wicked sense of humor Erika – some people just don’t :) LOL

        I think how much Eric & Sookie interaction we get will depend on the long-term plans for the show. If this turns out to be the final season then they HAVE to get together. I can’t believe that the writers would ignore that Sookie & Eric have been a couple in the last 4 books. There is no way TB can end without Sookie getting together at some point with “real Eric”. If we are lucky and get another season, it might be a bit slower, but I still feel we’ll get more interaction than last season (although that wouldn’t be difficult) and I hope it will be a positive relationship from now on.

        My biggest concern for my favorite couple this season is nothing to do with Bill, it’s Nora. We all know that Eric will have at least one naked love scene (the female audience demands it) and if it’s not Sookie it will probably be Nora and she irritates the hell out of me!

        • I’m not worried about Nora, his relationship with her is not even in the same league as Sookie. Those two are siblings more than anything else, he screwed her before because he was rejected at the time and she was the only one for him to cling to while they were stuck dealing with the Authority. In my opinion, there is no reason for him to be with her like that again, but you never know what they might do. If it’s not her, they’ll likely put him with some other slut.

          • Tammy I hope we don’t see Eric with Nora having sex scenes anymore but we know this is true blood so he will naked having sex with someone this season. ….I am hoping sookie before this season ends but I see they are suppose to be having her hanging around with the new fairy Ben so I don’t see her and Eric doing any sex scenes early in the season at all. But please no more Nora sex scenes period.

  6. Thanks Erika for posting all of this for us to see (and drool over!!). I agree completely about what everyone above said about this BS of Billith being stronger than someone of Erics’ age etc. goes against all the myths that TB has given previously about vampires in MHO, even tho Billith is the supposedly Vampire God reincarate. Although I will say I am no Bill lover at all, but Stephen plays “mad/crazy” really well (I just saw the film “The Barrens” with him starring in it from Redbox, and I will say that was one great awesome horror movie).

    In the end, I hope that Eric and Sookie do get back together, as “Good” guys truly do not finish last!!!! No matter what happens with/in TB, I will always BE an Eric and Sookie lover til the end of time!!!!!!

  7. I just love that man and his mad acting skills! I cannot wait to see this movie as well as the East and What Masie knew!

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  9. I am really hoping Sookie does end up w/Eric in the books and on the screen. I hope all 3 of the movies do well too. Alex is such a sweet, congenial young man I would wish him well for beig so down to earth even if he weren’t so handsome.

  10. Come on ladies, we all know True Blood was created around Stephen Moyer playing Beehl.That’s what it has been and what it will continue to be. They will never let Eric be stronger or more important than Beehl.That is why they are going down the Billith road. They had to create a story line for him because we all know in the books Beehl was just a minor character in Sookie’s life. It pisses me off and makes me sad. It could have been so great. Why can’t they (HBO and the writers) see this? I will continue to hope that they see the light, that’s what I’ve been doing since season two.

    • Yeah, but at least they’re finally taking him down a bad road like the loser we all know him to be. No matter what these writers do, we always know Eric is stronger and the most important. If they were trying to get different results, they’re doing it wrong. All they’ve managed to accomplish is get the audience to hate Bill even more than usual, even some of the Bill lovers don’t care for him anymore. There are still the delusional few, but everyone can’t be helped.

  11. At least since mid-season 2 the TB writers have written Bill as a complete douch-bag, and they write him as a bigger one every season. At the same time they have gradually written Eric as a more and more attractive character, and all this has been mirrored by the way the 2 actors have been allowed to perform. It’s no accident that 99% of the female audience have fallen in love with Eric, I’m pretty sure we were all meant to do.

    If I was a Bill fan I really don’t know if I could still stomach the show, knowing that Bill’s main rival throughout the story is consistently shown to be the better man.

    I don’t really care how powerful Bill becomes, Russell was the oldest and most powerful vampire in the story before Lilith, and Eric still managed to finally get the better of him. I don’t care if Bill Compton ends Season 6 as King of the World, he will never be the main man for me, he will never be Eric Northman!

    • Evie, I totally agree with you here. Bill Compton will never be Eric Northman! But oh how they (the writers= Alan Ball) wish he could be!

    • Very true Evie! :) For me, even though Bill is the biggest douche on the show and Eric is portrayed as the hero…I just would prefer it if Bill had stayed goo. He’s not prominent in the books, therefore he shouldn’t be on the show.

      A huge part of me doesn’t trust writers because of bad past experiences so I’m afraid to get my hopes up when it comes to TB. Just remember how good season 4 was and then how it ended… ;)

      • You’re right of course. Season 4 is just about perfection …………………until the end :(
        But it is Sookie, not Bill, that I was most angry with. I honestly don’t care about Bill or what he does, but I do care about Sookie and how she acts. That is the major problem with the show. Because the books are in first person (Sookie) we become so attached with her thoughts and feelings and then when she goes against those in the show it’s hard to accept. Sookie is the character in the show that has by far the biggest potential to upset me. I love to hate Bill (he’s a modern JR Ewing) but I want to adore Sookie and sometimes they make it so damned hard! Season 5 was good for Sookie, she was likable and benefited from having a break from the vampires, now let’s see how she is with Eric this season, fingers crossed.

  12. To cut things short, i just hope there will be more Eric and Sookie lovey dovey scene in season 6. Ugh. fuck off bill!

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  14. to be honest i want sookie to be a vampire this will make the show so much more intersting i hope there is a season 7 aswell even a season 8+ etc that would be amazing i would love for eric and sookie to be a couple again season 4 is my favourite season for now but season 6 looks good, this nora needs to get out the way taking this mind off sookie, also in season 6 when she mets this quinn new fairy i know they have a love intrest but i hope it doesn’t last because it just makes true blood boring being with a fairy she better not be with quinn the whole season 6 if eric does not get back with sookie then people wont really watch it lets be honest i think around season 6 episode 2 to about 6 she will be with quinn they the rest she will be back with eric fuck bill he gets in the way omg!!!!

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