E! Online’s TV’s Top Couples Tournament Returns

RenderedImage.aspxAs we’re creeping ever closer towards Valentine’s Day…we always look forward to E! Online’s TV’s Top Couples Tournament to determine which TV couple (real or fantasy) are the fan’s pick for #1 overall!

Since we’re posting about this…it should come as no surprise to find out Eric and Sookie are nominated in the first round! YAY! What IS surprising; they are the ONLY couple from True Blood to make this elite poll! (hehehe)

Sookie Eric saveyourself

This is what they said over at E! Online;

Do you hear that? That’s the sound of fandoms across the Internet warming up their mouse-clicking fingers in anticipation of our annual TV’s Top Couples tournament.

After thousands and thousands of nominations submitted by you guys through the comment sections, email and twitter, we have a list of 64 couples that are ready to do battle in round one.

Round one closes on Tuesday, Jan. 29 at 9 p.m. PT.

Of course it goes without saying that we could REALLY use your votes to move Eric and Sookie on to the next round…they are up against Cam and Mitchell from Modern Family in round one.

Now, get your mouse a-clickin’ and start voting! They are in Game 1.7!


Please vote, refresh, repeat…and make sure to pass this on to everyone you know!

Thanks Eric & Sookie Lovers!

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15 comments on “E! Online’s TV’s Top Couples Tournament Returns

  1. How the hell is that fair? Gay couples are totally in now, they win everything and I have to admit that does make me happy. If Eric and Sookie was going to lose, I’m really glad it’s not against Damon and Elena this time. And you notice, no other couples from True Blood even made the poll.

  2. It didn’t let me vote. :(

  3. Voted for our Eric and Sookie. Yay

  4. I have voted many times and I hope we can get enough votes to move on to the next round.

  5. Reblogged this on isismama and commented:

  6. i can’t vote! :-(
    If i click on the link above,
    the site of E! Online pops up about the TV’s Top Couples Tournament,
    but i can’t vote anywhere! And i want to vote for Eric & Sookie!
    Can someone help me?

  7. I Voted too! Eric and Sookie of course!

  8. keep keep on voting!

  9. […] and Eric and Sookie would have lost. They were the ONLY couple from True Blood who made it into E! Online’s TV’s Top Couples Tournament against Cam and Mitchell from Modern Family. Unfortunately, our efforts didn’t help…but […]

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