Alexander Skarsgård in New CK Ad “Provocations”


It appears Alexander Skarsgård will be featured in a NEW Calvin Klein ad campaign called “Provocations” – which they say is coming soon!

We have a few screencaps and a couple of videos to share with you!  To check out all the juicy Skarsporn, please look below…

This is the video announcing “Provocations” from Calvin Klein. Directed by Fabien Baron. Featuring “Og Lengra,” composed by Olafur Arnalds.

Didn’t see Alex in the above video? No worries, here is a video where he is featured.

Check out the screencaps below (sorry for the poor quality).

Screencaps courtesy of thefashionspot.com

This is great news! More Skarsporn to drool over!

What do you think? Share your thoughts below!

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7 comments on “Alexander Skarsgård in New CK Ad “Provocations”

  1. Um, what happened to his left hand?

  2. Erika:
    Yo mamma~anything that Alexander stars in gets my interest
    And this peeked it~love the ice cream Vanilla suit.
    It’s a change for him,such a differance from his “Basic Black”

  3. Well, that’s great news!!!! I hope that his new promo comes out soon, can’t wait to see it. If those pics were from the new promo, it looks like it won’t be so “dark” as the last one. as far as that 2nd video 10 mags flick thru, I think I spotted him twice maybe. It went too fast for me!! LOL.

    Let us know when the new promo is released so we can check it out, ‘K?

  4. I am more excited about this ad then last . I can’t wait to see this for sure . . hurry up with the promo . I am so anxious .

  5. We are all so starved for anything Askars, we are all drooling at a half second pic! LOL!

  6. he looks freakin’ hot!!! :D

  7. […] appearing in a new ad campaign for Calvin Klein called, “Provocations”. Check out the sneak peek! There will be more…LOTS more on this […]

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