Saturday Night Live Wants You …

SNL logo… to help them find their Hosts and musical guests for the second half of their season!

I bet you are asking how can I help. Well, in a stroke of genius, they have turned to social media to help them determine who these potential hosts and musical guests.

Here is what they posted earlier today:

It’s that time again! We’re starting to brainstorm ideas for hosts and musical guests for the second half of our season and we want to hear what you guys have to say! So send us your suggestions for who you want to see grace the stages of Studio 8H via facebook (in the host/music suggestion post), twitter (using the hashtags #SNLHost and #SNLMusic) and the comments section of this very blog post. We can’t wait to here from you!

You like?

Interested in nominating a certain someone? :)

alex WMK poleImagine hearing “It’s Saturday Night Live… hosted by Alexander Skarsgård!”

It does have a nice ring to it…

Plus it could coincide with a certain (hopeful) New York premiere of What Maisie Knew… of course this is pure speculation…

So tweet and comment till your hearts content on the blog post or the facebook post.

Do you think we can pull it off? Share your thoughts below!

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Really, there is never enough Eric... I'm loyal to the Viking, no matter what. I will love him whether in Book, Show, and just because... my first thoughts are of him and I close my eyes to dream of him. As far as I'm concerned, the night can not get here soon enough.

26 comments on “Saturday Night Live Wants You …

  1. About Seether or Shinedown? They are good bands

    • Shinedown would be awesome, they’re one of my favorite bands right now. I’m going to see them in concert in March=)

    • I meant for musical guests. I would luv to see Alex hosting SNL,I heard in 1 of his interviews,he luv the show; but he have to pick a day when he didn’t work on tb.

  2. Alexander Skarsgård would be so sweet!

  3. SNL needs him, that show has gone way downhill. Justin Bieber is this Saturday’s host and musical guest for crying out loud, that’s like double the torture. Alex has said he would love to do it, but it takes like a week and he just doesn’t have the time right now. I would so nominate him, though.

    • You’re right Tammy, he would be great as host but he is super busy and I don’t see it happening any time soon. Fingers crossed for an opportunity in the future though!

  4. WE MUST MAKE THIS A REALITY! Come on everyone…tell them we want Alex!! :D

  5. Alex all the way, he’s so sweet and did I mention HOT!!!!!

  6. That would be a great show, Alex Hosting the Show. I am all for it!

  7. +1 for Alexander Skarsgard. SNL needs some Swedish goodness.

  8. That would be a fantastic show, I would stay up to watch SNL if Alexander Skarsgard where the Host :D

  9. Tammy is right, Alex has been asked if he’d host SNL and hes’ said that he’d love to do it, but it seems when they are taping he is busy and doesn’t have the week to go to NYC which is required to be able to do the show on Sat. Nite. I, along with many others, I am sure, would love to see Alex on the show and see his comedic side come out!

  10. What about Host – Alexander Skarsgard. Musical guest- Halestorm or Imagine Dragons? Upcimg underground artists would definitely boost ratings. You’d have the legions of True Blood and Skarsgard fans, with a possibility of some of his costars in their characters on the show. Could be hilarious.

  11. Alexander would make a wonderful host.
    I’d love to see him host the show~have one of his favourite bands as musical guests
    and have his Zoolander costar come on and do a skit?
    And Alexander could do this after TrueBlood is done with filming Season 6.

  12. I just suggested Alex on their FB page. C’mon ladies, let’s inundate them with votes/suggestions for the Viking!

  13. SNL will be around for a very long time, it already feels like it’ll never end. I think he’ll have plenty of opportunities to host.

  14. Alex to host and Abri Van Straten to be the music. Then Kristen Bauer Van Straten(Pam) can be on too!

  15. I suggested Aiex at the SNL fb page this morning!

  16. […] you would like to hear Alex saying those words because he’s hosting Saturday Night Live…click here to help us make this a reality! We would LOVE to see him host the […]

  17. Alexander Skarsgard would make me actually watch SNL. Muse is a good band to have on.

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