Calvin Klein Presents “Provocations” featuring Alexander Skarsgård

There are a few things that can turn me speechless. But in a good way. We all thought that Monday was the day for when the Calvin Klein “Provocations” video campaign would go live.

But the SkarsGods are smiling upon us as it is LIVE now on the Calvin Klein youtube page.

All I can say is Holy Cow…

Sit Back. Make sure you have something that can help cool you down. And enjoy the next 9 plus minutes. You will thank me for it…

Skars Provocations Calvin Klein

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31 comments on “Calvin Klein Presents “Provocations” featuring Alexander Skarsgård

  1. People are complaining about how weird it is, but really, the man looks sexy as hell. I don’t find much to complain about, he could do nothing but watch paint dry and I wouldn’t care.

    • Its a multi part video that can be broken down into many vignette comercials

    • but he could do anything and I agree I would still watch :)

    • It is a little bit weird…but that’s how most Calvin Klein commercials are. :)

      All I can say is; THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU CK for releasing this early! And the jeans scenes were the hottest and best, IMO. I’m so envious of her right now…it’s not even funny! Lol Lucky, lucky girl…too bad she looks so skinny, Alex would crush her bones. Lol But seriously, this is SO HAWT!! :P I wish Alex came with the products…lol

      • LOL Erika, Yep, that model was a lucky gal indeed. Mmm, if we cloned Alex, then he could come with the products. Off to my lab!!!

  2. It is different not weird, and that is what makes it so great. The norm is boring. Alex does avant-garde better then anyone.

  3. It’s weird to me, but I’m in the camp who’ll watch him no matter what he does.

  4. Seems like an almost Dom/Sub thing… OOhOOOh Christian Grey here he comes!! Let all the casting agents for that film see this and OOF gush… Alex was sexy as hell! I loved when he put the water drop to her lip and then down between her breasts…GUCK!! Then he’s lighting matches throwing them at her **snicker** I love a DOM Alex, he’s fuck hot!! Thanks for this commercial you rock!!

  5. Holy cow!! Thats Hot!!!!!!!!!
    But I do wish they had “explored” a tad more the “Wishful Thinking” part, afterall that’s all we do when it comes to Skarsky ;)
    It’s very “avant garde” undoubtedly and way better then the Brad Pitt/Chanel #5 nonsense for sure!!!

  6. Um, wow. That was frickin’ fantastic. I’m a fan of this kinda thing. A lot of the time I think these ads try for both style and substance (in terms of the narrative if you can call it that) and fail. But I think this is a pretty good example where they seemed to have gotten the balance. Of course its bonkers, but I love it.

    Anyway forget about all that. Alex looks absolutely smokin’ hot in this clip. That model is a lucky gal. Damn.

    Thanks E&S Lovers, you ladies rock!

  7. I would check into a seedy motel with him any time….

  8. Ditto to everything that was said ahead of me! Just woke up a and thought I was still dreaming. Damn he’s HOT!

  9. OMG What a way to wake up this AM………I.am.speechless. Oppppps, I need to change my panties (again).

  10. First of all this video is not weird.
    OMG if they only shot sex scenes like that on Trueblood.
    Never have seen Alexander looking hotter~except when he was in Dress Whites?
    What a wonderful way to begin a Sunday!! I’m a happy camper.

  11. Rhaleen:
    I’m so with you on Alexander’s playing Christian Grey!!!!
    This video locks it for me~the producers should see this !!!.

  12. Alex & Suvi looks fantastic !! Video is amazing !! Calvin Klein knock his out the park when they choose Alex for the campaign. Very , very proud of him . He can do it all.

  13. If all I could say was HOLY SHIT you’d know what I meant. Right?

  14. It was artsy and off-the-wall, but that’s very typical of Calvin Klein stuff…always beautiful to look at, though. Alex looks fantastic and those scenes are hot and sexy without being vulgar and in-your-face about it. I do have one question, though: Was that his voice in the narration? At first I thought definitely not, but then in a few places I thought it did sound like him.

  15. I think I may have to watch it a few more times before I have anything intelligent to post. ;) You know…just in case someone should ask my opinion, I really should have a THOROUGH knowledge of the whole film don’tcha think?! Honestly, the best response I’ve seen to this so far was from a lady on Instagram who wrote “I bet legs spread easier for him than peanut butter on bread!” Still laughing about that one!

  16. […] if that’s not all…MORE Skarsporn! May be present…the CALVIN KLEIN “PROVOCATIONS” ad! This ad has created many awesome gifs and pictures…you can check some of them out on our […]

  17. OK, I just had to share this bit of humor. I occasionally check the celebrity gossip site Celebitchy for new posts on ASkars and the one posted yesterday absolutely cracked me up! The woman who writes the blog is very snarky and some of it must be taken with a grain of salt, but she’s written a hilarious play-by-play commentary of the CK Provocations video. It, coupled with some of the comments at the end of the article, had me laughing outloud at my desk this morning. http://www.celebitchy.com/278208/alexander_skarsgards_calvin_klein_short_film_amazing_sexy_or_ridiculous/

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