CK’s Provocations 5-Page Ad in Vanity Fair

dsc_0099_0Is it Skarsporn Saturday or what?

Thanks to Barbara at SkarsgardFans.com, we have scans of the five-paged Calvin Klein Provocations ad which is featured Vanity Fair magazine’s March 2013 issue. Alexander Skarsgård is the new spokesmodel for the new ad campaign. The images appear in the very first set of pages in the magazine – according to our dear friend Barbara.

Calvin Klein will be uploading and releasing the video of the Provocations ad to their YouTube channel this Monday, February 4th!

In the ad, Alexander Skarsgård is wearing Marchon Eyewear.

Check out the scans in the gallery below!

*fans self* Is it hot in here or what? Whew! Can’t wait to see this ad…even the pics look steamy! Please excuse me while I’m suffering from multiple Skarsgasms…since I’m somewhat incapacitated…what are your thoughts?

Feel free to drool and/or (if you can form coherent sentences) share ’em below!

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12 comments on “CK’s Provocations 5-Page Ad in Vanity Fair

  1. Can’t wait to watch it on Monday!

  2. I’ll be in my bunk…

  3. DItto Ladies!!! I love it when Alex models anything. I hope the video is as intense as the one for Encounter.x

  4. iwatched it already… what a sensual adv… holly hotnessss <3

  5. 5 Pages? Are they trying to kill us or what? They know how much we worship
    Alexander’s hotness,he smolders in any ads that he’s done.
    I can just imagine what these new ones are like??
    WIll be watching those ads tomorrow!!!

  6. Thank’s Barbara for the head’s up about these ads!!!

  7. Just saw the video all I can say is OMGOMGOMG~I’m speechless!
    THIS ad is SUPERHOT~Alexander should be Christian Grey.
    The producers should see this ad~it would lock up the part for him!
    He’s a very bad boy in it!!! Thank you Calvin for picking Alexander
    as the model for Encounter.

  8. Oh dear lord, those smouldering eyes of his in the wishful thinking chapter!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I may never recover from that and his giant hand on her ass. Thank you, Calvin Klein!

  9. […] of all this Skarsporn? Good…because there’s more! Check out the 5-page Calvin Klein “Provocations” ad found in Vanity Fair […]

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