SkarsAlert! It’s a combination of Lust, Calvin Klein… and Tarzan?


Are you sad and mopey? Feeling the lack of SkarsNews today? Or so we thought…

Fear not faithful SkarsLovers! It is ESL to the rescue to help turn your frown right upside down with a few Skars related items that have started making the rounds online.

To start us off… gently… the February 6, 2013 edition of Grazia SA has a bit of Alex.

On their Chart of Lust;

As you can see… this looks to be compiled by social media stats from twitter…

Since the Grazia news was just a small soft ball, its time to have your hearts almost beat out of our chests on the next one.

I know mine almost did when our friends over at ASkarsgard.com shared this clip from tonight’s ENews, where they had a little segment on Mr Skarsgård. Not only did E!News give us an update on the Tarzan rumors… THEY GAVE US A TASTE OF THE PROVOCATIONS VIDEO BY CALVIN KLEIN.

Check it out below!

(better audio)

(clearer video)

Now, ASN has shared that SkarsManagment is giving a slightly different tale… sort of. That there is nothing definite on the Tarzan front. And that Alex is not fronting the whole Calvin Klein line… just more then we all knew… and we are going to enjoy every moment of the Calvin Klein add campaign.

And count down to the Provocation video release. In the meantime, lets savor some of these screen caps.



Gifs courtesy of marvelandwhimsy.tumblr.com

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Fabien Baron, who shot Alexander Skarsgard’s new Calvin Klein Provocations video, announced via Instagram that the video will be out Monday, February 4th.

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Really, there is never enough Eric... I'm loyal to the Viking, no matter what. I will love him whether in Book, Show, and just because... my first thoughts are of him and I close my eyes to dream of him. As far as I'm concerned, the night can not get here soon enough.

12 comments on “SkarsAlert! It’s a combination of Lust, Calvin Klein… and Tarzan?

  1. Thanks! Gives us something to look forward to!

  2. These photos of Alexander are great~ and wasn’t that his younger brother Ben
    with him on the red carpet. Ben looks a lot like his dad Stellen only younger.
    I’d love to see Alexander as Tarzan~ only thing is only Johnny Weismuller
    was the only actor to play him that had a career.
    Ron Ely played him and where is he now? Anyone know??????

  3. OMG! Alex as Tarzan (in a loincloth and all ruggedly animalistic), gives me a whole new load of material for my ASkars fantasies….phew!

  4. Thanks B!!! Anything we hear about our Alex is great news! I’m glad he’s getting more media exposure now that his star is starting to rise higher up the acting chain. I think that any movie Alex picks to star in is going to be great too. I’ll take him as Tarzan, hell, I’ll take him in any role (as long as he doesn’t die or leave within the first half of any film hes’ in). Can’t wait til we get season 6 of TB this summer, just hope that Alex/Eric has a lot of screen time this year. I’m already excited that Disconnect, The East and What Maise Knew will all be released to the big screen this year.

    It couldn’t happen to a nicer, more grounded actor than Alex!!!!!

  5. Don’t know for sure yet if Alex will be Tarzan or not? Skarsgard Management said no deal finalized yet . Right now it is rumors until proven otherwise . His management never confirm any of this . He is the face of most of the Calvin Klein lines but not all . I wish him nothing but the best success in the world . Alex is a wonderful Actor , Model etc . He is someone that can do it all . Great guy . Love him .

    • somewhere in that post, we shared AlexSkarsgard.com’s link to where they mentioned Tarzan is a ‘not finalized yet’. E! News is trying to make it appear more “official” than it really is and sensationalize it. ;) As with most news programs like it. But yes, he can do it all! :)

  6. […] Alexander graced the pages of Grazia SA magazine and we have the scans to share with you! We also have video coverage from E! News where they talk about Alex playing the role of Tarzan and about the CK “Provocations” ad campaign! All this and more HERE! […]

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