Video of the Week (19)

Video of the Week

We hate to interrupt your CK Skarsporn viewing pleasure…but it’s Sunday and that time of the week to share our Eric & Sookie Lover’s Video of the Week!

This week, we’ve chosen an amazing video which showcases the tumultuous and molten relationship of Eric and Sookie. It was edited by Sukerlover147 to the song, “Volcano”, and sung by Damien Rice!

We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Watch it below!

What do you think? If you would love to show your appreciation and praise to the editor, don’t forget to leave them a comment and/or you can add this video to your favorites! Here is Sukerlover147‘s channel.

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8 comments on “Video of the Week (19)

  1. IS Damien Rice any relation to Anne Rice???
    And I wish that some of these scenes had not just been in “Dreams” but in episodes.

  2. Oh Yeah! It was a bit short, but other than that it was a good video. But unfortunately, after watching 9+ min. of Alex filled, undescribably (sp?) wonderfully super sexy video for umpteen times, this video is kinda anti-climatic right now……..LOL. But, it was an oldie and goodie none the less. Thanks for posting it on this super great “Super Alex” Sunday!!!

  3. I really liked the coloring, probably a strange thing to focus on…lol!

  4. Feel free to interrupt anytime with more Skasporn! Thanks for sharing it with us.

  5. Love this video !! But anything with Eric & Sookie is hot !!

  6. […] all that Skarsporn? Let’s take a break to watch the Eric & Sookie Lover’s pick for Video of the Week! Hope you enjoy it as much as we […]

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