Season 5 UK Release Date & Artwork Revealed


According to Amazon UK, the UK release date for True Blood Season 5 will be Monday May 20th.

Amazon are also displaying the DVD case artwork, which shows Sookie (from the pre-Season 5 publicity posters). It’s not clear yet whether cases with any of the other actors  images will be available , as the posters featured quite a few different characters. It is good to see Sookie on the cover on her own without the dubious Mr Compton wrapped around her (and hopefully we won’t ever have to suffer that again!), after all she should be the star of the show. And perhaps releasing a certain amount of DVDs with an Eric Northman cover might have led to riots and grown women trampling on each other in the aisles to get the last copy!

Amazon have not yet confirmed the US release date but it is already available for pre-order, just click the appropriate link below.

Amazon UK

Amazon US

It certainly looks like May will be a busy month for Miss Stackhouse with Sookie’s HEA reveal on 7th and then the latest DVD release just 13 days later.

Let us know if you have any thoughts on the cover – like it or not?

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2 comments on “Season 5 UK Release Date & Artwork Revealed

  1. Yeah I’ll be buying it on Blu-Ray when it comes out in May. Like the cover but, if they’re also doing an Eric cover I’ll get that instead.

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