SPOILER ALERT! Episode 6.03 Title Change & More!


Hope you’re having a fangalicious Tuesday…we interrupt your busy lives…to bring you this little update for True Blood Episode 6.03!  There has been an episode title change, as well as some more casting calls in this latest News from the Casting Couch…read on!

WARNING: If you don’t want to know – don’t read below!

spoiler warning

Over at SpoilerTV, they shared this update for Episode 6.03;

Episode 6.03 of True Blood will now be called “Abducted” (previously known as Rock Hard Times) and there are a few roles being cast for it, including two recurring guest star roles: [Dr. Overlark], a ruthless 50-year-old advisor to Governor Burrell (recurring guest star) and [Hido Takahashi], a 50-year-old university science professor who likes to talk about himself. There is also the guest star role of [Maggie], a pregnant 35-year-old who is upset because she thinks her husband has run away with another woman, as well as two co-star roles, police deputies who search a cabin.

*insert sarcasm* I wonder how many times the episode title will change for this episode? Of course, there is nothing here related to Eric and Sookie…but hopefully one of these characters will have some scenes with them. What does “Abducted” mean? Is someone going to be kidnapped?

What are your thoughts? Please share ’em below!

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12 comments on “SPOILER ALERT! Episode 6.03 Title Change & More!

  1. Well here we go again!! Sounds like with the title change I’ll speculate that Sookie is going to get abducted again, maybe by her new fae boyfriend, Ben?????? But then again, it could be someone unrelated to the “core” cast of characters and it has something to do with the new cast. Hard to tell with the sketchy information provided by SpoilerTV.

    Who really knows?? IDK at this point. I just wish it was closer to Summer so we can see for ourselves. I still hope that by the end of the season Sookie finds her way back to Eric and if there is a Season 7, they will be together like they are meant to be!!!!!

  2. I agree with Redthang/Erika here we go again with nonesense that’s unwanted
    AND not needed~ WE only want what’s got to do with ERIC & SOOKIE.
    IT’S TIME~WE”VE HAD 5 Season’s of Bill Compton Bullsh*t.

    Charlaine Harris told a fan that “she knew that Sookie would end up with
    The Viking by Book TWO~that’s when she saw that Bill Compton was out of the
    picture” this was on the TrueBlood wiki.
    It was put up by my friend PBT and you can find the original post on
    “Official Season 6 Speculation/Spoiler thread”
    Look on the last page for the post.

    • Remember Marlene that CH sold out her book rights to AB for TB and whatever CH says is about the books not the TB show. Its too bad the maker sold out to AB, the show could have been soooooo much better if it followed the books. But as it is, AB screwed all of us bookies royally and changed the story too much. Remember Marlene that CH comment was about the books not the show.

      Thats’ why I said I hope that Eric and Sookie wind up together in the end of the series. (and the books too, as after book 12 it doesn’t look too promising to me. I hope I’m very wrong tho’).

      As whatever media form, Sookie and Eric need to be together at the end!! Thats’ just MHO.

  3. Thanks Erika for the info although it’s not what we Eric and Sookie lovers want to read. We refuse to blame the messenger. We will just blame the lame messages that the shows “people” continue to spew at us. They know what we want and they continue to ignore us. You are so right redthang914, here we go again!

  4. IDK – I am worried with all these new characters being added! I only care what happens to Eric and therefore Sookie! Will Eric go against Billith – will Eric have to keep Nora in check – what will his relationship be with Pam now that he has set her free?? Will he still run Fangtasia or will he persue a higher office – I just can’t wait for the answer to these and many of my other questions.

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  6. The only thing good I can say about all the extraneous new characters is

  7. I hope he didn’t involve in politic. I will riot if they do that.

  8. I am wondering if we will be getting some bastardized version of Sookie’s abduction by Lochlan and Nieve. Maybe this Ben’s last name will be warlow or lochlan? IDK. These spoilers we are getting so far aren’t very meaty or at all exciting.

  9. That`s I has thinking, maybe that Nicole girl`s Nieve & her members are actaully faeries. I think they tried to manipulate people to believe vampires are evil to get rid of vamps tries to force Jason to join them,that`s the way enslave human races. Probably Ben`s 1 of activist members, he seduces Sookie & uses her as their sacrifice to open the gate to the faery realm.

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