Alexander Skarsgard on the set of True Blood Season 6!


Last night our good friend Barbara from SkarsgardFans.com visited the True Blood set and guess who happened to be working…? ALEXANDER SKARSGÅRD! He was wearing a sexy black suit and looking as hot as ever too!

She shared some pics with us – so we’re sharing them with you!

WARNING: If you don’t what to know – don’t read below!


These pics were taken at the same mansion where we first saw the Governor, Barbara told us.

Check out the pics in the gallery below.

Hmmm…interesting. What is Eric doing at the Governor’s mansion wearing a black suit, no less? Was it a party, a meeting, or something else?



This is what happened to me when I saw those pics of Alex standing underneath the tree. I’m sure I’m not alone in this feeling…

Special thanks to Barbara for sharing the pics with all of us! If you would like to find out what she said about her experience and/or just to thank her, feel free to visit her site here!

What do you think? Share your thoughts and speculate below!

UPDATE: Here are some MORE pics – courtesy of Barbara at SkarsgardFans.com! She has more pics which we haven’t added into this gallery below so you better visit her site to check ’em out!


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11 comments on “Alexander Skarsgard on the set of True Blood Season 6!

  1. Looks gorgeous in that suit :). Just hanging around under a tree lol.
    Seems to be on his own – maybe on a spying mission?
    Whatever he’s doing he looks extremely HOT and that’s all that matters **sigh**

  2. Wow, that is some serious vampire makeup! Carlisle Cullen, anyone? LOL I’m so jealous of those who live around where they are filming and have an opportunity to see the actors up close and personal (especially Alex!) They film Homeland and Alan Ball’s new series Banshee in Charlotte where I live (as well as the first Hunger Games movie,) but I’m not a fangirl to the same degree with those shows. I have seen Claire Danes and Damien Lewis from a distance when they were filming Homeland scenes down the street from my office, though.

  3. First of all, Thank you Erika for posting this for us. Alex looks like his fangtastically great Eric. I am also suprised how white his skin looks with the makeup on. It seems like a translates more in photos than on film tho’. Just love his kissable pink lips….yum. I also love the red eyeliner they use, it really makes his eyes pop. If I had a chance, I’d take that man (with or without the makeup) and lick him all over……..sigh……

    I, too, wish I lived in CA if only to go and watch a shoot and get a pic with him. (I’d just cream my jeans to get THAT close to him like the above fans.) “Runs off in search of some ice cubes to cool off………………”

    • You’re welcome! :) I agree! And he’s wearing Hugo Boss as well… ;) After these new photos, I think I’ll hit the shower! LOL (Ice cubes just won’t do the trick anymore.)

  4. Thank you for these pics! I was worried for awhile because there was never any mention of him or pics of him from the set yet.

  5. I’m still getting over the fact that we are getting broody designer suited Eric lurking in the shadows and a somewhat geeky looking, floppy haired Eric all in the same episode. God damn, is it June already!

  6. Whoohoo! He’s back!!!!! These pictures rule!

  7. Great photos – thank you… hmmm maybe is first lurking around looking like his normal sexy self..and then goes to the governor’s house and pretends to be human :)

    • Maybe he’s getting away from the governor. Probably he’s going to the meeting w/ the governor,but he falls into a trap by the Governor. I think he’s planning to escaping & run to Sookie;s to find a place. I really hope I’m right.

  8. […] this time, involving one, Alexander Skarsgård…better known as our very own Eric Northman! Check out the pics here – if you dare! What’s he doing? Feel free to speculate along with us (or just drool) […]

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