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Whilst we are all eagerly awaiting, nervously pondering or quietly dreading the end of Sookie Stackhouse’s story with the release of “Dead Ever After” on May 7th, Sookie’s creator, Charlaine Harris, has today announced that this will not quite be the end. In a statement on her personal website Ms Harris wrote:

I hope a lot of you read this thread today, because I’ve chosen it to make a little announcement. I just saw the cover for “After Dead,” which is the coda to the Sookie books. My publisher decided to publish it before Christmas in a separate volume. It will be a slim book containing what happens AFTER “DEA” to many of the characters I’ve created over the years. And Lisa is drawing a Sookie alphabet for the book. There are several other features under consideration for this volume, which is intended as a stocking stuffer. I’ll post more when I know it.

Charlaine Harris

Amazon are already advertising the book for pre-order, under the title “After Dead: What came next in the world of Sookie Stackhouse“.

You can check it out here , not too many details are available just yet, but they are quoting a release date of October 29th 2013.

Sounds like a nice little stocking filler, or happy Halloween treat, just the thing to help chase away those winter blues, in a post-Sookie universe. We are big fans of Lisa Desimini’s artwork on this blog so we are already looking forward to her special Sookie alphabet :) Just as long as E is for Eric!

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17 comments on “Charlaine Harris announces “After Dead”

  1. Thank god for fan fiction. We’re all going to need it after this…

  2. I really don’t understand why Charlaine Harris is going to stop writing the SVM
    novels~when she still has so much of the story to tell????
    She just could have taken a break between books and come back somewhat
    refreshed~ or she could turn over the writing to another writer?

    • But that’s the thing…her heart isn’t in it anymore. CH thinks that’s all that’s left of her story. I don’t think she’d ever want to hand it over to another writer. I know I wouldn’t…it’s her baby and she learned what could happen through Alan Ball.

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  4. Yessssssssssss, I was hoping that the rumors that I’ve read were true and that there was going to be this follow-up book to SVM Sookie books!!!!!! I’m glad that CH is going to go back and tie up the loose ends and I’m sure we’ll all want to know what happens/happened to the whole gang.

    I m definately going to be getting both the books as soon as they’re released!!!! I just hope that the last book doesn’t leave us hanging in the lurch so to speak. But then, nothing is impossible in Sookies’ world. I know I wasn’t very thrilled with book 12, so I have my fingers (and toes) crossed that everything will turn out the way we want it to!!!

  5. i read all the books it was great sad 2 c it go

  6. I am going to speak the unspeakable here…she says that the follow-up book is what happens to ‘many of the characters’, but she doesn’t mention Sookie by name. Stay with me here…has something happened to Sookie that Harris feels she needs to tell us how the rest of the cast live on without her? I really hope the follow-up is just her way of wrapping up loose ends, but this does make one wonder.

    • I think it’s nothing to worry about. We will know what happens to Sookie at the end of DEA. ;) Plus the 2 short stories, IIHAH and PP come after as well. This Coda is only going to tell us what happens to the rest of the characters that she doesn’t tell us about in DEA. ;) It’s to answer questions like, “what happened to Andy or Tara?”

  7. Reblogged this on isismama and commented:
    After DEA. Saw this on Eric and Sookie Lovers. It’s fun to speculate.

  8. Maybe after a year or so she will discover she needs to write another SVM book to replenish the ol’ bank account. Could happen, you never know.

  9. I’m more on the side of nervously pondering and quietly dreading right now and this announcement makes the end of SSN all the more final. It’s hard to believe! But maybe After Dead will be that little bit of needed closure, especially after many months of letting Dead Ever After sink in. I guess I’ll have to wait and see!

  10. If someone let’s say a good fanfiction writer took up where Charlaine Harris leaves off
    maybe the books could go on~I know many of us who love the books are going to
    have to find another Vampire/Horror tale to take up where the SVM aree going to
    leave off~ I’m searching for something new to sink my teeth into!
    And I’m hungry for some new blood!!!!

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    • Well it turns out that Bethany is a new character in DEA and will also appear in a short novel that will include Manfred for her new series (Sookie will appear in this short as well) so I guess I should pay her some attention but as far as the CODA goes, it will not matter to me. The only reason this CODA came about in my opinion is because the twits at her site have to know every single thing about every single character which is boring. I only care about the main characters really, kind of like with the Harry Potter series. We found out the future(s) of Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Neville and even Draco but it really came down to seeing their kids head off to Hogwarts so it was appropo for that series. Whereas for the SSN, it is not really a ‘much needed thing’. Dare I hope Bill met the True Death? lol The HEA should be completely wrapped up in DEA and should tell me all I need to know. I can imagine the rest, which is the result of a good book. I really wish this would have been included (if at all) in DEA as an epilogue. If I feel the ending does not mesh with what has previously been written, I will not buy the CODA. I am on a wait and see what happens kind of thing.

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