Farewell Sookie: CH Reads Dead Until Dark

chgollanczbooksGollancz books has been doing something similar to what we have been doing round here at ESL (“Raising The Dead” and “Celebrating the SVM Book Tournament”), and looking back at the Sookie Stackhouse series and counting down until we say, ‘goodbye’ when “Dead Ever After” comes out.

The biggest difference is – they have Charlaine Harris reading and talking about each book in a series of videos. They have shared the first one, where Charlaine talks about “Dead Until Dark”, the first book in the series.

Watch the video below!

Excuse me while I gag…sorry, I just can’t stand any part with Bill in it where Sookie is saying, “You poor thang!”. Yuck! But at least we heard some of her thoughts about the book.

What are your thoughts? Please share ’em below!

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10 comments on “Farewell Sookie: CH Reads Dead Until Dark

  1. Erika, Thanks for posting, but I have to go to youtube to find the video as there is something wrong with the volume and I can’t hear it from your embedded copy above. Will come back sometime later and let you know MHO.


    • That’s weird…everything’s fine on our end. I can even hear it on my iPad. As for finding it on YouTube, just click on the video on here and it should take you to the right page it’s on. There’s usually a button in the bottom right-hand corner that says, watch on YouTube. Hope you figure out what’s wrong and yes, tell us what you think! :)

      • You’re gonna laugh at me, I guess I was having a “Blond moment” (as my hubby calls them and since I’m blond, it fits me, unfortunately). Anyway, it seems my lil’ daring’ dogs were playing around in here by my ‘puter this AM and kicked out one of my cables from my headphones, which I use, so I won’t interrupt anyone else and I didn’t find it til just now. All fixed and I watched the video on site and had no problems with listening to CH read the snippet from the book, I thought the reading was OK, but again since it was BE (before Eric), I really didn’t care….LOL.

        But, what I did like is her telling her readers that it took her 2 years to get the 1st story published and she told all of the other aspiring writers not to give up on their books. I thought that info was just priceless!!! Other than that, I didn’t really think too much about the clip.

        Thanks again Erika and sorry about me being a dummy today….LOL

        • No worries, redthang! I have many if those kinds of moments too, even though I’m not really blonde. I call them, brain farts. Lol

          I felt exactly the same way about the video. I love that she didn’t give up hope. And that she persisted until it was published. As an aspiring writer myself, I find her words encouraging. :)

  2. Erika/redthang 914:
    I closed my eyes and listened to Charlaine read that passage.
    It helped somewhat envisioning the scene as it played out on TrueBlood

  3. It was okay. Can’t wait til she gets to the books that are more Eric and Sookie centered. I will be a lot more interested in those!

  4. As I said in another post, I just started rereading the books and I really struggled going back and reading this book. Book two went much, much faster and I had forgotten how many of the Eric quotes we have come to love were in that one. I too, would be interested to hear her thoughts on the other books.

  5. lol it was total sarcasm in what sookie said to bill both times! you can totally also hear that in Miss H’s voice. XD a good book indeed also making me just hoping when will bill die off! lol. ooooh maybe they’ll have him die off this season as we see it’s the only way to go for billith LMAO!

  6. and yes i know we’re talking about IE the books and not the loosely based show TB….but at least we can hope about TB as summer is coming closer lol.

  7. […] Charlaine Harris is helping Gollancz books say “farewell” to Sookie in a series of videos. In this first one, Charlaine reads from Dead Until Dark (DUD) and talks about the book. You can watch the video HERE! […]

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