Anna Paquin dazzles at Pre-Oscars Event


It’s Oscars week in LA and that means party, party, party for the beautiful people, and first off the True Blood block this year are Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer, who attended the Tom Ford Cocktail Event in aid of Project Angel Food, on Thursday, at Rodeo Drive in Beverley Hills.

Anna looked completely stunning in a black outfit that is very far removed from the sunny, summer dresses Sookie Stackhouse likes to wear. Click on the first image to start the gallery below:

Pictures by Fernando Allende/Broadimage

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10 comments on “Anna Paquin dazzles at Pre-Oscars Event

  1. They both look great. I still can’t believe she had twins, it’s just not fair.

  2. Wow! She had twins recently!? She looks great! She looks like she slimmed right down to her naked scenes body.

  3. Both look simply ravishing !!! Wow >>

  4. OMG OMG OMG!!! Does motherhood agree with Anna!
    Just look at her,she’s glowing her hair’s longer,her skin’s shining!!!!
    And breast feeding has slimmed her down for sex scenes with Alexander!!!

  5. Stephen doesn’t look like he’s got 4 children~and two of them under the age of
    6 months old? I think that Anna’s having the children has rejuvinated him????
    Before he was looking OLD~ now he’s looking younger?
    Just wish Anna would shorten her skirts a bit? She’s got the figure for them.

  6. I totally agree Annas’ recouped her smokin’ bod once again. I guess that she probably got back to her love of kick boxing regime after having the twins. I agree that both Stephen and Anna look totally amazing in these photos!!! Just wish they’d let us at least know the names of the babies tho’. I know that they are very private people in real life and I can understand that they don’t want the babies involved (at least not yet) in the media circus thats around them. But, I don’t think that letting us know the babies names would hurt anything.

    I look forward to this coming season to see whats’ going to happen on TB now that they are introducing Niall to the story. I sure hope that Eric and Sookie get back together by the end of the season……. Hurry up June!!!!!!!

  7. I agree, she looks amazing! Not everyone can pull off that hairstyle (slicked back and away from her face) but she is beautiful from head to toe! I guess that is the new dress length? If so, I am screwed! LOL! (Short people don’t fair so well in lengths below the knee.)

  8. I so agree with you~Let the fans know the names of your bundles of Joy?
    Also she should have worn earrings?
    I’m so with you I hate long dresses on short people!!!

  9. Wow! They look great! Anna is smoking,,her hair’s longer and she has her Sookie tan back, which I guess she didn’t have last year due to the pregnancy.
    I’m praying to the gods of HBO for lots of Eric and Sookie this season

  10. […] It’s Oscar time! You know what that means…Anna Paquin appeared at a pre-Oscar party in anticipation of the awards. Check out the photos – as she appeared at the Tom Ford Cocktail Event! […]

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