Pre-order: Special Edition of “Dead Ever After”


For those who are collectors of the Sookie Stackhouse series, we have great news! For a price…you can own a limited edition of a linen bound, signed edition of Dead Ever After” when it comes out on May 7th!

Here’s how…you can pre-order this special edition at Amazon.com! This is the bad news…the price for it is $78.75 + S&H! Say wha?? :o

Book Description:

A slip-cased, linen-bound edition of the 13th and final Sookie Stackhouse novel. Only 2,500 signed and numbered copies, with new art (for both the book and the slip-case) created by famed Sookie artist Lisa Desimini and high-quality paper stock, will be printed. This is something that passionate fans of Sookie Stackhouse and passionate collectors of beautiful books alike will want to own.

I know the price may be steep for some – but we wanted to let you know about it in case you’d like add this to your collection anyways!

sookie-books-e1289515414634In other Sookie news…over at Tor.com they are doing the same thing most of us do during this time of year…a re-read of the series. They will be posting their thoughts on each book every Thursday. We thought you might like to follow along with them too.

You can check out what they said in their first post here: “Dead Until Dark”

I just love what they said about Eric and Pam;

As for Eric and Pam…well, they only get better from here. They’re the dynamic duo of the series, both vampiric in their attitudes, selfish, and yet endearing. Eric is my favorite character in the series, and while we only get a small taste in this book, don’t worry: there will be plenty more from here on out!

I have nothing left to add – other than YEP, YEP!

What are your thoughts? Please share ’em below!

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5 comments on “Pre-order: Special Edition of “Dead Ever After”

  1. Damn, I definitely can’t afford that right now. Besides, I don’t know yet if I’m even going to bother reading this one. It would be awful to pay that much and end up hating the book.

  2. Squee! Just ordered a copy! From the hand of the master to my hot little hands. I may be burning the damn thing on YouTube on May 7th if I don’t get my expected ending.

  3. I’m with Tammy on this one……also, I have joined the 21st century and no longer buy hard copies of books regardless of how much I love/hate them. I put all my reading material on my ipad, as I no longer have any room to store books. Its’ bad enough I have to pay the ebook price for a book I’m not sure of (if I’ll like the ending or not) and I surely don’t have $79.00 to pay for ANY book, even this final in the SVM series. So I guess its’ cest la vie……….

  4. […] For those die hard collectors out there…you can now pre-order a special linen bound and signed edition of “Dead Ever After”! Find out more info HERE! […]

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