Charlaine & Co. Look Back at LDID


You know what that means, right?

It’s the day of the week – when Charlaine Harris reads parts of her Sookie Stackhouse series in a series of videos shared by Gollancz books, and it’s the day when bloggers on Tor.com review the books in succession. This Thursday they are re-reading/living “Living Dead in Dallas” – book two of the series!

chgollanczbooksFirst, let’s see what the Maker herself has to say about the book. She reads us the passage from “Living Dead in Dallas” (LDID) when Godfrey meets the sun…

Love what she says about the book! :) Re-living Godfrey’s death is always so sad to me…

LivingDeadInDallasNow, let’s see what they say about the book over at Tor.com in their review of LDID.

What’s our favorite part of this review? This part below… ;)

Ah, Eric. Feel free to disagree, but I might as well admit it now—he is my favorite of all Sookie’s pursuers. Thank goodness we see more of him in this book! And while we see that while Eric may be manipulative and egocentric (that stunt with the bullet, anyone?), he also does care about Sookie. And while part of that may be for power or sex, he seems to care for her on a human level as well. Contemplating her mortality, protecting her from harm. Unlike Bill, he is not overcome by his hunting instincts during the shooting—he stays with Sookie. Apparently he’s trying to wear her down, judging by this quote:

Eric: “I’m hoping that the more you see me, the more I’ll grow on you.”
Sookie: Like a fungus?”

You will hear no disagreement from all of us around here…feel free to keep praising the vampire Viking sex God!

What did you like best about this book? The orgy, bullet-sucking…? Feel free to discuss it below!

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9 comments on “Charlaine & Co. Look Back at LDID

  1. Thank you so much. Great review @ tor.com. :)

  2. Love every minute of Eric in the books & show . Totally my favorite … i love the cover Eric in his coffin Sookie sitting on top of it . I wish we get tosee them together on the show or in the last book .

  3. Thanks for reminding us about tor.com Erika!!!! I love LDID, because it was where I feel that Eric started to really try and be close to Sookie. My favorite part of course was the bullet-sucking part of the story.

    Of course thats’ when TB stuck pretty much to the Dallas story still, but then started going off the rails by putting in that made up crap storyline about Maryanne/Maenad.
    But, thats’ all I have to say about that, otherwise I’ll go off on a rant and this is not the topic of your question.

  4. Yeah, no disagreements here. Of course I like that exchange better in the book than how it came off on the show, and the preferring fungus line. I hate how they made Sookie say Cancer on the show, that was very disrespectful in my opinion. Believe me, no one prefers Cancer.

  5. My favorite bit is when Sookie invites Eric to the orgy and the fun he tries to have when they are there! :)

    • Yes, Evie and how fun would it have been to see THAT scene played out on our tv screens! Alex in pink spandex anyone? ;)

  6. I love to hear her talk about the books. I sure am going to miss Sookie…thanks for sharing this.

  7. […] Dead”! Speaking of the books… Watch as Charlaine remembers and reads a passage from Living Dead in Dallas in this video from Gollanzc UK. As you know, Alex is appearing in a couple of movies this spring! […]

  8. I love that when Bill took off after the shooting like a damn animal Eric stayed behind and looked after Sookie like a man. They weren’t even in a relationship at the time and Eric still looked after her better than her so-called boyfriend.

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