“Disconnect” Trailer released


Trailers.apple.com have just released a trailer for  Alexander Skarsgard’s upcoming movie, “Disconnect”. This seems to be the one out of all of Alex’s movie releases this year that is generating the most positive critical praise. Alex and Paula Patton play a married couple who are drawn into a dangerous situation when their secrets are exposed online.

And here is the trailer for  your viewing pleasure:

“Disconnect” will be released at limited cinemas on April 12th.

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16 comments on ““Disconnect” Trailer released

  1. I can’t wait to see this!

  2. I’m so tired of him playing roles where the goal seems to be to make him as unattractive as possible. He better play Christian Grey because he certainly owes us one at this point. i get that he wants to be taken seriously as an actor but the ladies need some eye candy!! LOL

    • Sorry, I have to disagree. Christian Grey would not be a good career move for him, and I don’t find him unattractive at all in this trailer. It would take much for that to ever happen. He likes to branch out and is probably tired of playing the sexy guy, I can’t say I blame him for that.

    • I totally agree with Tammy that the role of Christian Grey is a career killer… for anyone who takes it.

      And why do you say “he owes us”? He is nothing but excellent to the fans…

      • Yeah, there is so much more to him than just being eye candy. I felt offended on his behalf from that comment.

    • I think the whole Christian Grey issue is one that divides Alex fans right down the middle, and has caused me grief with some of my closest Alex-loving friends. Personally I’m not totally against the idea but I have read that he is NOT the author’s idea of Christian at all, so I don’t expect it to happen.

      • I still love you Evie :)

        • LOL B.
          you know that we know what we both like and what we don’t like and we respect each others views :)
          Now get back to work!

      • I definitely know it’s not going to happen, I just wish people would let it go already. I’m kind of tired of hearing about Christian Grey in general, never will I get the appeal.

  3. Alex looks really intense! I am almost afraid to leave a message here – LOL – He sounded so betrayed when he found out she had told a perfect stranger all about them as a couple – I would be to – I can’t wait to see this!

    • Don’t be afraid :)

      Yes, it looks intense and beautifully acted. I do like movies with connected multiple story-lines. Probably looking forward to this the most out of his 3 upcoming movies.

  4. Yes, I agree, very intense! I’m looking forward to all three. And, since I have never seen one of his films on the big screen, this year will be a big treat for me!

  5. I have two words about the trailer, “Totally Awesome”. I can’t wait to see this movie and all the rest that Alex has coming out this year. Unfortunately tho’ since the only film he did during his TB break was “The Hidden” it looks like it will be slim viewing for the 2014 viewing season for us….. I didn’t realize until recently that it takes over a year for a film to go from production to the screen before…….

    As far as the above negative comments made above about Alex, I choose to just ignore the BS and stick to the reason why we come to this page and that is for the love of Alex and Anna and their alter-egos, Eric and Sookie.

  6. Thanks Ladies – This looks really good. I wasn’t a fan of Battleship other than the Skars eye-candy so its great to see him in something like this. Along with What Maisie Knew and The East, he’s got some edgy interesting stuff coming out to help build momentum for his career. Nice going Alex!

  7. I’ll see his movies as long as they are released at a theater near me. Not all of them are. Don’t know why. I was really disappointed with Battleship, he was only in it for like 15 minutes. That just was not enough screen time for me. This looks really good. Can’t wait!

  8. […] As you know, Alex is appearing in a couple of movies this spring! We shared the movie trailers for “Disconnect” and “What Maisie Knew” – you can watch both trailers on the links we’ve […]

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