Video Of The Week (March 3rd – 9th)


It’s another Sunday closer to the opening night of True Blood season 6, and that means time for another of our weekly Sooric treats.

This week’s video by darkswordfish7xx is hot off the press and less than a week old. For your viewing pleasure:

Eric & Sookie


Trying not to love you

You can check out the maker’s Youtube page here

And if one video a week just isn’t enough to satisfy your craving, we now have a Forum Library featuring all of our Videos of the Week. So if you want to go back to the start with our first choice conveniently called “Back to the start”, or “Go straight to number one” which was confusingly our week 3 choice, then follow this link. (You do need to be a registered member, but if you’re not already, that is quick and easy to do).

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5 comments on “Video Of The Week (March 3rd – 9th)

  1. Thanks for another great video again . Loved it !! I really hope we get Eric & Sooke action this season .

  2. Thanks Evie!!!! That was a great video and I really loved the song for this one. I don’t know if its’ the mood I’m in today or what, but as I was watching I thought about all the angst these two stir up in me. I just want them back together sooooooo bad. I just hope that by the end of this season 6 we all get our wish and they get back together where they belong.

    Its’ such a long wait in between seasons, and now they’ve cut them even shorter. I sure hope that they turn the show around, so that there will be a season 7.

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    Awesome video!! Check it out!

  4. […] has been brought to you by darkswordfish7xx called, “Trying Not To Love You”! Watch it here! Hope you enjoy it as much as we did! SPOILER ALERT! Find out the latest True Blood Season […]

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