New Vampire coming in Season 6………and 7?


Spoiler TV have today announced a new casting call, and there is also some updates on actors that have been  cast. Don’t look below if you don’t want to know!


A new casting call for a male vampire  who will be involved with Jason and another vampire (perhaps a gorgeous red head?):

Beginning in episode 6.06, there will be a new recurring vampire on True Blood named Wes! He was turned in the 1970s when he was in his mid 20’s. His ethnicity isn’t specified. He’s sexy, smart, compassionate, protective, and plays the guitar. He’s going to be involved in a love triangle with Jason and another vampire (hmmm… sounds like it could be Jessica, but the “other vampire” isn’t named). Wes will be a strong recurring role in season 6 and a regular in season 7 – so we know he “survives” season 6 – and some rear nudity is involved.

Ok first things first ………Season 7?


I couldn’t help but smile when I read that as plans are obviously already afoot to extend the show beyond this coming season. Of course nothing will be confirmed by HBO until the summer, and will ultimately depend on ratings, but at least they are making plans!

My second thought was ……..


Surely no TV show can manage more than one love triangle at a time, and if the Stackhouse involved in this triangle is Jason, then that is surely good news for Sookie!

And whilst we are on the subject of castings, 4 actors now have confirmed roles in season 6 according to IMDB.  Shaun Brown will play Bruce (nerdy, occupy Wall Street type), Andrew Thacher will play  Officer Innes (searching a cabin), Xavier Clarke will play a member of the anti-vampire task force, and Marina Benedict will play Veronica (the human edible).

Let us know your thoughts on the new vampire casting call below.

And don’t forget ,you can discuss the coming season even more in the speculation thread of our forum here

Source: Spoiler TV

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8 comments on “New Vampire coming in Season 6………and 7?

  1. Just as long as the love triangle doesn’t involve Sookie for once, I’ll be happy.

  2. Cautiously optimistic that there is a Season 7 being mentioned! I am always ready to sign on for more Alex visiting my tv screen each and every summer! :) However, you say “surely no tv show can manage more than one love triangle”. Are we talking about the same show? I can’t even let myself dream of a day when TB would be all about Eric and Sookie all the time! Must be an alternate universe where they let us do the writing! ;)

  3. Well, well, well, first off, I’m glad to hear that they are truly planning a season 7 to honor their signed contracts HBO has with the show principles. I know, any show can get cancelled due to low ratings, but the show must still be pulling in the kind of numbers (I hope) to be able to stay on for at least the 7th season.

    Now on to the new regular vamp being cast. I have no idea why they feel to need more cast members as they have enough already. More love triangles? Why not, at least it seems not to involve Sookie (at least not in that triangle….Ben, Sookie and Eric, anyone?). I don’t get what drives these decisions, although I can’t speculate too much since none of us know where these writers are really taking the show, as we can’t go by anything thats’ in the books since they don’t follow them anyway.

    Can’t wait to see where they are heading and hope to heck that there is a Season 7….

  4. I am just so relieved that he is not here to fall in love with Sookie :)

  5. I am glad there will be a season 7 and I thought there probably would be one. Hopefully eric and sookie will become or at least start to be a couple by the end of this season after this Ben crap is over with. Jason, Jessica and this new vampire is the triangle they are talking about….jason is acting more stupid than usual right now about hating vampires.

  6. I’m jumping up and down and squealing right now! A seventh season! Woot woot! Let’s just hope the story line is better this year than last year.

  7. I’ll only be happy about a 7th season if the 6th isn’t an utter disappointment.

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