Out with the Old……

breaking_news_1_ ……And in with the old! Hold onto your hats, people because True Blood has now lost another show-runner. It seems that Mark Hudis has been relieved of his ‘show-runner’ duties in favor of Brian Buckner, who has been there since the shows’s inception. It seems Hudis has passed the Buck (pun intended) or has been tossed out like yesterday’s garbage?

Mark Hudis has stepped down as showrunner of True Blood to focus on development under his overall deal with the network,” a spokesperson for the premium cable network said in a statement, referring to a two-year deal the writer/producer signed with the network last spring.

I don’t know about anyone else but that sounds to me as if he has been given the boot. One has to wonder if it is because he was either not towing the ‘Bill Compton’ line or it is really as they say. Of course this is all speculation on my part but given the complaints made by fans recently, maybe the powers that be are finally listening to those fans. Who I am kidding? If they had listened to us, the show would not be in the state it is in.

The one idea of Hudis that I did like was bringing things back to Bon Temps but he did not pay attention to my ‘less is more’ advice. I wonder whose fault that is…inquiring minds want to know? You can read the read the rest of this ‘breaking news’ here.

It all remains to be seen what this ten episode season will have in store but we shall see. Tune back here for the recaps & reviews this season because they are bound to be some ‘doozies’. You can continue to speculate in our forum about this topic as well, I am positive this will be the hot topic for a little while!

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53 comments on “Out with the Old……

  1. I don’t know if this is a good thing or not. If that Brian guy has been there since the beginning, he could be worse.

  2. I have little actual hope that True Blood will toe any line other than “keep Eric and Sookie apart at all costs”. *hrumph*

    • which makes no sense to me AT ALL.

      • Thank you! I am SO sick of them trying to turn Sookie into the town bike – ridden by everyone except the right one.
        In the interest of full disclosure, I have to admit that I plan to keep watching the show (I mean, come on…ERIC!, potential Godric sightings!!), but I’m also going to keep bitching about it, too, lol.
        It’s like they’re absolutely STRAINING to keep Eric and Sookie apart.

        *wanders off mumbling about how’n 7 hells can they keep NOT getting E and S together*

        • God I wish I could “thumbs up” this like 100 times!

          • Thanks! It’s REALLY irritating how “the powers that don’t” keep so completely ignoring the (undoubtedly) MILLIONS of E/S lovers – by this time it’s GOT to be on purpose.

        • Let the Bitching commence I say! ;)

          • *initiating Stockpiling of Bitchery Procedure #203*

            When can I start complaining (more) about extraneous characters? Gratuitous (and usually horrid) side/lead plots that have NOTHING to do with ANYONE important? ANYTHING TO DO WITH THE AUTHORITY? WARLOW? Some fairy dude that Sookie is apparently supposed to hook up with/be duped by??


          • We have a rant room in our forum in which you are welcome to share your thoughts about all of it! ;)

          • Ohhhh….THIS could be fun… I rant quite well, actually. I even use proper verb tenses and everything! :D

          • then by all means join us in all things forum and bring friends! this season should be fun :D

          • You can start now because those ‘extraneous’ characters are already starting as well as the ‘gratuitous’ side plots that WILL NOT be IMPORTANT! lol

          • Ugh…EXACTLY!! I dread to think of how many of Terry’s old war buddies are going to magically appear THIS season.
            Just tell me this: how many 3rd cousins will Arlene have? Come on…just be straight with me…I can’t handle it but I’ll at least have the weekend to heal…

            *dramatic sigh*

          • I may not be able to handle it though,……lol!

          • We’ll just let it be a horribly demoralizing surprise when they did up her 4th cousin thrice removed named Cletus who’ll drive a rusty red van filled with empty Tootsie Roll papers and anti-vamp paraphernalia.

            *how I typed that with a straight face I’ll never know*

  3. Honestly? If it were HIS choice to leave I think he would have waited until the end of the season or until they finished filming before working on his other projects. Since they are only filming episode 4, or around there…it could only mean one thing. They gave him his walking papers. As to why…? IDK, and we’ll probably never really know what happened.

    Brian Buckner wrote the infamously nauseating threesome dream episode…but he also wrote the “that was saucy Sookie” too. I’m not sure if this is a good thing or bad thing yet. Time will tell I guess…

    • I also wonder if they meant just do the writing for the show. He wrote one episode this season and maybe more. Still it is curious as to why

  4. Without having seen any of season 6 yet, there’s no way to know if this is a good or bad thing. I imagine it can’t be much worse than where things were going under Alan Ball, though.

  5. Can’t be a good thing for the overall health of the show which appears to be on life support. The biggest thing that Buckner brings to mind for me is his gleeful blathering on in an inside the episode-maybe s/4.1about getting to rewrite Bills backstory this season to make him king. This alone makes me very concerned!

    • Further poking around for more info and reaction led me to the bill loving site and the reaction there was quite positive claiming season 4 as the weakest. I tend to take this as further indication that Eric/Sookie shippers are in for another huge letdown. Boo!

      • I disagree with that season 4 was the weakest comment made at TB.net and I pretty much said so. I commented over there. It was not the weakest as the show has gotten weaker every season and that is due to an overcrowded cast and stupid storylines.

        • I saw your comment and wanted to do a fist pump but have vowed to forever stay out of there other tan occasional lurking to see what the other side is Stalingrad about.

        • I just read your comment over there, Nymerias…BRAVO! *gives standing ovation*

          But…they should know better when they say Buckner has known the characters since their inception…oh, so he knows Charlaine Harris personally? They seem to forget that most of these characters are based on those in the SSN, and aren’t AB’s creation at all. He has only taken liberties with them and changed their direction. Grrrrrrr… Look how good that has turned out? LOL The show is a train wreck waiting to happen, which makes me sad…it could’ve been so much more than that. :( *sighs*

          • Thanks! A train wreck that we cannot help but watch. I agree that is is very very sad. I just wish that the powers that be would have listened to fans concerns about the multiple storylines and too may cast members. Then they would not have this problem that is too late to fix.

      • *snorts* while season 4 didn’t end well for us…I still think it ranks up there with season 3, which IMO is probably the best season True Blood ever produced. Season 5 literally SUCKED, until the finale, with a few good moments tossed in here and there.

        TB.net isn’t really a Bill site…but like to play all sides.

  6. What ever the reason, It’s probably not good news for us Eric and Sookie Lovers. We can hope and pray all we want, but it hasn’t done us any good so far. I so want to be the eternal optimist here but we have had our hopes dashed so many times before. The powers that be at HBO couldn’t find their noses with a double sided mirror. The fans of the show want to see Eric and Sookie together not Billith and Sookie together. I’m going to keep my fingers crossed that we finally get some of what we want for a change!

  7. I have one thing to say, which is “What you guys said”. I agree that this is not looking too promising for us.

    That is all. As Lafayette would say, “Dis bees some fu-kedupness bisness goin’ on rite cheer”.

  8. I don’t think this bodes well for Eric and Sookie. I think Bucky love Bill.

  9. This is definitely f*cktarded. In with the old and out with the new. Billfest season came to early, not surprised.

  10. I don’t know about this . I always heard that they were going back to the core of the show . meaning Bill / Sookie . Me i for one hate it . Season 6 is moving rather slowly or is it me thinking that . I think this is not going to be a great season . They lucky if they get a season 7 with all this commotion .

  11. i think a lot of fans will lose interest the show after ep6. I didn’t believe They putted a idiot writer in the hand of the show. I`m worry Eric will be a bad guy again (unless they`re f**king planning to bring Billy Boy back). Oh man, this` more bad news for Alex than punch in the face ( you have seen pics yesterday). Poor Alex, I feels sorry for him. I have enough of the writers kissing Steve-Anna`s a**es!!! They need to stop bloody sex scenes & abuse with Billy boy!!!! I can’t take it anymore. We need make complains on Facebook or tweet HBO Bucky guy`s bad choice for the show!!! We need Eric & So okie romance,not her & billy boy.

    • How do you know that? For all we know, Mark Hudis could have been taking the show in a crap direction, it might be better after episode 6. We won’t know until that time comes, but Buckner has said that he loves writing for Eric the most.

      • While I do like that he loves to write for Eric, I still wonder what he has in store for him. I do love a dangerous Eric with an air of mystery surrounding him, I still do not want a 360 degree Eric, ya know?

        • Yeah, same here, as I said in the forum, I kind of really want the dangerous Eric back. As long as he directs that at people who deserve it, and I admit I’ve liked how he’s written him before, the almost threesome dream aside.

          • But I’m saying that we really don’t know if Mark Hudis was going to do a better job or not, we just have to wait and see.

          • Agreed, he never got a chance really.

          • ughhhhhhhhh don’t remind me of the threesome dream from hell lol

          • LOL, sorry, I’m sure we’d all like to forget that.

          • I didn`t believe it at 1st about artcle that Mark Hudis`s planning for season 6. You guys are probably right I agreed with all guys on Mark Hudis, his idea`ll ruins it with dragging in politic cr*p & throw a ton of characters who didn’t care about.

            You’re guys also right about Brian Buckner, I finds out he isn`t bad writer as I thought. I do luv the “how Eric got turned”flashback in season 2. I didn’t known he`s the 1 came up the Godric`s Eric`s maker. I didn’t known Brian Buckner wrote that ep and he also wrote ep 4 when Eric introduced when I finds out about it on Wiki. I luv the way he treats Billy Boy like the way Charlene Harris did in her books like a piece of sh*t. Lol :D I`m glad he`s more on Eric`s side. That`s good he`s more loyal to our viking. I hope he learned from mistakes last 2

            I was worry they will go back with Billy boy and So okie route, that`s all. I don’t live through that sh*t.

            I really really hope they are planning building Eric & So okie the rest of season & follow more into the books more. I don’t known.

  12. Thank GAWD for Fan Fiction writers!!!!

  13. I really don’t think anyone needs to panic just yet. At Paley Writers Panel, Brian Buckner was asked who he likes writing for the most and he said Alex Skarsgard. Also Alan Ball once introduced him as “the lead writer of the viking”. I’m actually more comfortable with Buckner in charge than I was with Hudis.

  14. I also agree that we shouldn’t panic too early…there was nothing to indicate that Hudis was planning some excellent e/s story line or that he finally decided to listen to the fans …to be honest I was more worried about him as he was kind of new to the show..at least this guy Buckner was there from the beginning …maybe Hudis clashed with the rest of the writers ,,but maybe he simply moved on to something else and couldn’t be bothered with fixing the Billith crap… I am not worried about this change..but I am worried about reports that BL will be happy by the end of ep.3 – it seems to me they will find some kind of way to bring the old Bill back…or he may stay in Billith superpowerful form which will make him the strongest vamp ever..and then turn him into some kind of hero instead of the bad guy we are all expecting …

    • “..but I am worried about reports that BL will be happy by the end of ep.3″

      Maybe that’s why Hudis got the boot. Maybe HBO wanted to go in a new direction. BTW, the site that reported this also reported that Bill and Sookie fans would be happy by the end of Season 5. And we know how that turned out. LOL.

      • Anything that comes out of Highlight Hollywood is not usually worth knowing. Every season he says Bill fans will be happy and it’s a great season for Eric. And yes I remember him saying Bill fans would love what happened to him in season 5 *snort*.

  15. With all the shit they have put us Eric and Sookie lover’s through for at least the last four season’s, it’s hard not to panic. Nothing good ever seems to come our way. After season four, the series, in my opinion, just fell apart. Just when we thought things might go okay, they give us that clusterfuck of season five. I so want to believe things will start to go our way and get the show back to the top, but I have my doubts. I’m just afraid they are stuck so far up Stephen Moyer’s ass that they would let the series fail rather than turn it into what should be, and could have been, the best series on television. I will continue to “HOPE” for the best and brace myself for the worst.

  16. I don’t know if this is good or bad for Sookie and Eric, but Hudis was an Alan sycophant. He’s made comments about how sweet Bill used to be and how we all loved him, so clearly Hudis is a blockhead. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  17. […] In case you haven’t heard about this by now…there has been a major shake-up over at the True Blood headquarters! What will this mean for us? Time will only tell…but you can find out what this major shake-up was here! […]

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