Raising the Dead: Reflecting on Dead in the Family

With the release of Dead Ever After, the final novel in the Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris, now under 2 months away from our hands, it is time to celebrate and take our stroll down memory lane with the 10th novel of the series; Dead in the Family.

dead in the family

Are you ready to take the walk with us? Let’s go!

How did reading it make you feel? Could you put it down?

Nymerias: Eric and Sookie in a book? It was completely devoured in one setting and drew a mixed love/hate reaction with all they went through with Appius.

Erika: As a history buff, I rather enjoyed it and the fact we met Eric’s maker who also happened to turn Alexei Romanov. Even though both of them turned out to be pretty vile creatures. LOL. Could I put it down? Nope, I read this in one sitting, just like all the other books which were Eric-centric.

B: For me, this was the first book of the series that hand me on the chilled side of lukewarm… and it took me 2 days to finish it. I was channeling Sookie, and its tough to feel her pain after the torture she went through a few weeks earlier.. and learning why Eric wasn’t the first vampire to reach her. And meeting Eric’s maker and “brother”… I was a raw mess. My human brain could not handle the Appius/Alexi component. It definitely set the tone for my reaction.

What moment made you laugh?

Erika:  As usual any light-hearted moments between Eric and Sookie. And most especially Eric and Hunter’s reactions to each other.

Nymerias: I actually kind of laughed with the exchanges Eric and Sookie were making during their foreplay/make-out scene in Eric’s living room.

B: The Eric/Hunter reaction to each other was priceless.

What moment made you cry?

Erika: At the beginning when Eric explained why he couldn’t rescue Sookie during her torture at the hands of the Fae. Then I quickly turned to anger at Victor for being a douche, who refuses to see things which happen right in front of him! ASSHOLE!

B: I think I was crying for most of this book. It hit me very very hard.

Nymerias: I cried at two parts actually: 1. When Eric was telling her why he could not go to her when she was being tortured. 2. I cried for Eric when his maker died because a part of him was relieved and the other part sad. He was also glad that nothing happened to Sookie.

Favorite Moment/Line from the book:

Nymerias:  This is the book where we had the ‘jump’ moment at Eric’s and the hot moment on the couch… memorable and hot.

Of course my favorite line is “While you were with Neave and Lochlan, I suffered with you. I hurt with you. I bled with you… not only because we are bonded, but because of the love I have for you.”

Erika“I love you,” Eric said in a drained voice. “And you are my wife, in the only way it matters to me.”

Another favorite moment is like Nymerias’ where Sookie jumped up into Eric’s arms and the oral sex afterwards.

B: Hey.. you both stole my lines. And both were our final 2 quotes from our book tourney *waggles brow*. I love them both as this is the first time we see Eric use the word “love”

Celebrating SVM

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  1. I have not read this book yet, so I don’t, have much to say about it yet.

  2. You guys pretty much nailed it. While this is not a favorite of mine, I agree with everything you said.

  3. Great Post Bee! Well done as usual! :D

  4. It’s time for me to start rereading all the books. Just talking about them make me realize some of the things I have forgotten. I want to remember them.

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