Sookie Makes EW’s 25 Supernatural Women Salute


Entertainment Weekly is paying tribute to 25 Supernatural Women – who are potent pretties.

We wouldn’t be posting this – if a certain fair-haired, telepathic barmaid wasn’t included – better known as Sookie Stackhouse, and one half of our favorite couple!

Let’s see what our friends over at EW had to say about Sookie…


Image Credit: EW.com/HBO

Sookie came in at 12 – out of 25 Supernatural Women – from witches, to firestarters and more!

This is what EW had to say;

Sookie Stackhouse, True Blood

Viewers may be divided on who — or what — Sookie (Anna Paquin) should choose for a lover, but they’ve always enjoyed her sassy, Southern spark. Part human, part fey, Sookie is just as comfortable kicking bad guy butt as she is getting down with the good guys…or whichever of those Eric happens to be at any given moment. —Erin Strecker

Ha! Did you notice they said ERIC?? Why not any of her other suitors? Oh yeah…because nobody else could compete with the VIKING!

Just like Eric, I love it when “saucy Sookie” comes out and glad EW likes her too. Wish we could see more of her in the future.

If you would like to check out the rest of their gallery – please click here!

Thoughts? Please share ’em below!

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9 comments on “Sookie Makes EW’s 25 Supernatural Women Salute

  1. EW knows that Sookie should be with Eric that’s why they said what they did….the writers at true blood need to wise up and do what most everyone knows is what fandom wants.

  2. Exactly!!! I agree wholeheartedly. Eric and Sookie are meant to be together. Now if TB would just get their act together and realize that and start writing their storylines closer to the books, the show, IMHO, would be back on top of the list.

    Yea Sookie, you go girl!!!!!!

  3. Congrats to Sookie making the list !! I really hope Sookie finds her way to Eric . I hope thet really do !

  4. Every one with half a brain knows who Sookie should be with! It’s the dim wit 1/4 brains on the true Blood writing staff that doesn’t! Come on HBO, it’s time to wake up!

  5. IMHO, Someone at EW has a thing for Alex. Of course, what red blooded woman with eyes doesn’t? I subscribe, and I’ve just noticed that they tend to promote his films and shows…maybe not full articles…but whenever they get the opportunity to put a pic in…it’s there! No complaints from me…just sayin’

  6. Happy that Sookie made this list!

  7. […] be happy to know EW paid tribute to our favorite telepathic barmaid and some other 25 Supernatural Women! Find out what they said about Sookie (and yes…even Eric) on the […]

  8. Aww let hope they will be 2gether.

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