Spoiler Photos of Anna Paquin on Set


It looks like today is officially turning into True Blood Season 6 Spoiler Day!

You are about to see some brand new photos of Anna Paquin and a co-star on set, so turn away now if you’d rather not know.


The Daily Mail have posted the following photos of Anna on the True Blood set with her new British co-star Rob Kazinsky (Ben). They are outside a house (possibly his?) and he has no shirt on (obviously a contract requirement for any male actor on True Blood).




Hmmmm, not exactly what Sookie and Eric supporters are wanting to see. I get a sneaky suspicion that we are not going to like Ben very much!

But let’s not jump to conclusions, it is not Sookie’s fault if a guy decides to answer his front door without his shirt on, and Miss Stackhouse looks appropriately dressed and rather business-like herself.

Let’s hope he just helps her find what she’s looking for and it doesn’t turn out to be him!

Source – Daily Mail

And just to make you all feel a bit better:


And now we can breath …………….

Don’t forget if you are a member of our forum you can check out further spoilers pics here (including more from today of Niall, Jason, Jessica)

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15 comments on “Spoiler Photos of Anna Paquin on Set

  1. Hahaha! See that’s what I thought too. I thought, “The guy probably just answered his door that way.” I hope we’re right!

  2. He’s not good looking… Hope he’s not her new love interest.

    • That’s what they were calling him back when the character was first introduced, but they tend to twist things around. Alcide was supposedly her love interest last season, yet nothing hardly even happened between them.

      • Very true! It could be very misleading and mentioned only to get us talking about it. ;)

        • I would say that Sookie has better taste than that, but she really doesn’t…lol! If she did, she would have chosen Eric and kicked Bill to the curb, like any sane woman would do. This guy would be like dating a slightly better looking version of Bill, I think she craves the misery.

  3. Yeah, that’s what it is, but what happens after he answers the door is anyone’s guess. This guy is really not that cute, I have a feeling he’s going to be bad news based on the little description we got.

  4. lol omg i want more pics lol XD spoiler day is awesome. lol it helps lol

  5. Eww, I think this ben isn’t good-looking. Alex have a way,way way beautiful body.

  6. i am not happy at all with him . Where is Eric ? We need the viking .

  7. Well, I agree with most that the Ben character is not too cute at all, still would rather see Sook with Eric!! I think that since Bens’ cast as a unsavory kinda fae, maybe hes’ a spy for Warlow or something and hes’ only going to string Sookie along to get her into Warlows’ hands. There are so many possibilities that this can go, my head is spinning right now.

    I also feel that Eric isn’t going to be as central to the main storyline (read not as much screen time since hes’ going to be busy with the vamp business). The reason I say this is it seems Alex has a bit more free time this season with his filming schedule, since hes’ been off a bit and had a few extended weekends etc. I hope I’m wrong, as I want Alex to get more screen time every season.

    If I get more time later, I’ll be on the forum with more of my thoughts.

  8. […] you check out Rutger Hauer in costume, nor will you know what to think when you see Sookie with a shirtless Ben! Say wha? Yeah, you read that right! LOL WARNING: If you don’t want to know – […]

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