Tor.com Tours “Club Dead” & “Dead To The World”


As most of you know, Tor.com is reviewing the Sookie Stackhouse novels – in a final hurrah before “Dead Ever After” and the series ends. This week, we have not one – but two reviews to share with you, as well as our favorite quotes from the reviews over on their blog!

You know Whitney (the person writing the reviews) is on Team Eric, right? ;)

Let’s see what she has to say…

Click here to read their review.

Please click this image to read their review.

What’s our favorite part of Whitney’s “Club Dead” review?

At the same time, Sookie is developing other bonds, with Eric in particular. There are several moments of harmony between these two in this book, most notably when she is staked at the bar. There Eric shows that he is someone Sookie can count on. As before, when attached, Eric stays with Sookie rather than pursuing the attacker. When Sookie sees Russell’s mansion, she says “Russell was like the gay vampire Hugh Hefner, and this was the playboy mansion.” Lots of attractive men, just not ones that would be interested in Sookie. Sookie, in her pain, still manages a joke:

“Water, water, everywhere, nor any drop to drink, I said, and Eric laughed out loud. That was why I liked him, I thought rosily; he “got” me.”

And this part too…

When Bill realized in Living Dead in Dallas that Andy and Portia are his descendants, he left an anonymous legacy to the family, allowing them to fix their mansion and live in a more luxurious style. Yet Sookie, his girlfriend, can barely make her rent. And while this book says a lot about Bill’s character, I find what it shows about Sookie’s character to be even more important.

It also shows a lot about Eric’s character doesn’t it? He’s not even Sookie’s boyfriend at this point…but he’s able to determine what she needs and gives it to her without Sookie having to ask for it.

Whitney also reviewed “Dead To The World” – which is #1 on most Eric & Sookie Lover’s lists as their favorite book of the series!

Please click image to read the review.

Please click image to read their review.

What’s our favorite part of Whitney’s review on “Dead To The World”?

Eric is a fascinating character study in this particular book. We know him to be confident and commanding, flirtatious with Sookie, but also focused on vampire matters and protecting his people. As she drives into her house, she notes the new gravel on the driveway that Eric gave her in the last book, and admits that it’s a big reason why she’s helping him now. She says, “He’d had the intelligence to give me what I really wanted.” Interesting. She also says, “I’d always been leery of Eric, but I’d appreciated his mischief, his single-mindedness, and his flair. If you could say a vampire had joie de vivre, Eric had it in spades.” Yet amnesiac Eric would rather hear the story of “how they met” from Sookie, than the attack on Fangtasia. This Eric is sweet, though somewhat misogynistic, and cares about Sookie. He even wants to stay with her, just as he is. But as much as Sookie appreciates him, even now it seems the real Eric is what she wants. Do you agree?

And I love this one too…

We receive an update on Sookie’s telepathic abilities. While Sookie can’t read vampire minds (she says she’s about as “scientific as a saltine”) her theory is that since magic animates vampires, they don’t have normal brain waves. She can’t read them like she does humans. But she does get occasional flashes from vampires, which she keeps secret. And the only vampire she’s heard twice is Eric.

First off… It always made me wonder WHY Sookie could hear Eric’s thoughts – not only once, but twice? Is there a reason for this? And what could it all mean? It always happens when she least expects it too. Is this a sign or something?

I would agree with her assessment of Sookie wanting real Eric instead of Amnesic Eric. I think Sookie enjoys flirting with him and his advances on her every bit as much as we enjoy reading them.

We’d like to thank Whitney for sharing her thoughts on the books – especially since it appears she has the same great taste in vampires!

What are your thoughts? Do you agree or disagree with Whitney? Share your thoughts below!

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