Ask Sookie: Hot or Cold / Anxiously Missing Him

Sookie’s BACK and answering YOUR questions about everything under the sun (or under the moon and the stars). You can read her advice to fellow fans every Sunday here on Eric & Sookie Lovers. You can read her answers for this week’s column below.

It’s been awhile since I last did a column, but unfortunately all the supernatural mayhem from the last season of True Blood has had this barmaid a bit busy. I am happy to be back and to be answering all of your questions about love, the supernatural, the local gossip that’s floating around the minds of the various locals who frequent Merlotte’s, etc. So every Sunday keep a look out for my newest column!

Dear Sookie,

Do you prefer the frozen tundra bed of Narnia with Eric to a nice hot shower with a nice hot vampire Bill?

Hot or Cold

Hot or Cold,

Oh my! That’s awfully personal don’t you think?

Eric Sookie BillI must say that I believe that when it comes to making love, it doesn’t matter where, only who it is with. I have been fortunate to have experience the loving tenderness of two generous lovers and for that, I find myself truly blessed. Now, I’m not sure if it is a vampire thing or if it’s just that I’ve been lucky with the two lovers I’ve had so far. But I can assure you of this, as long as you are with the one you love, passionate love making can be a breathtaking experience no matter where you are.

I know my point of view about sex varies from that of the mass majority. Nowadays so many people are willing to just give themselves over for a few moments of satisfaction (if they are lucky) without a care in the world about having real feelings for the person they are with. No matter what becomes of my relationships with Eric or Bill, I will treasure each and every moment I spent with them. Both of them.

Sookie Stackhouse

Dear Sookie,

I have had man troubles as well. Right now I’m with a really great guy. We’ve been together over a year, but sometimes when he’s gone for a long time I get anxiety and stuff like that because I miss him. Do you have any suggestions?


Anxiously Missing Him

Anxiously Missing Him,

As my good friend Lafayette would put it: “You’s got it bad, girlfriend.”

I think it’s perfectly normal to miss the one you love, especially when they are gone for long periods of time. But you need to find things to occupy your time. I find that having hobbies is a great way to occupy my time when I find myself feeling a little out of source. If you’ve been considering doing a little sprucing up on your home or really anxious to read a certain book series, what better time is there to get to it than when you are feeling down?

Sookie Terry ArleneFriends are also a godsend in times like this. I don’t think I would have made it through a lot of tough times if I didn’t have great friends like Tara, Sam, Arlene and Lafayette around to pick me up when I was down. Make plans with your gal pals to enjoy a day of pampering, manicures/pedicures and then plan to head out and enjoy a fantastic girl’s night out. All of which will help boost your spirits and help ease the loneliness you are feeling.

Sookie Stackhouse

If you have any questions you would like to Ask Sookie…feel free to drop me an email here!

Of course, many of you are curious about the upcoming season of True Blood and the pending release of Dead Ever After. However, I must remind you, I am a telepath, not a psychic. I know what you know until it happens to me.  Besides, every gal’s gotta have a few secrets or her own, right?  What this means is – please don’t ask me questions on those topics. Thanks y’all…

Hope you enjoyed reading Sookie’s answers to your questions for this week!

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