Bloody Predictions… The Preseason


Its baaaaack! We had so much fun with our Bloody Predictions game during season 5, we could not wait for the 6th season of True Blood to roll around to start our next round. We had some burning questions this off season. Will I repeat… or will Erika, Evie, or Nymerias take the title?

Plus… how will we up the ante this year?

*Rubs hands gleefully*

We will be #$%&______.

Dagnabit… looks like we will have to wait just a little bit longer till we can let that cat out of the bag ;)

Though, it’s not like we aren’t used to waiting… waiting for the first promo… waiting for the premiere date… waiting sucks.

But to help waiting suck a little less, we have decided to take our predicting skills through a “pre-season” work out. Since there is sooooo much still up in the air with the who/what/where/when with True Blood information at the moment, we are taking advantage of this time to put on our swamee hats and gaze into our crystal balls.

In our practice round, we asked ourselves the following questions;

  • Tb season 6 will start airing on ___
  • First promo will be released ___
  • On premiere night Eric and Sookie will be seen before or after the opening credits.
  • ______ will be the first face we see during the premiere

As these are pretty straight forward questions, we are either “right” or “wrong”… no partial credit this preseason!

So, who is ready to get bloody?

Here is how we each answered.


  • June 9th
  •  First promo will be released on March 31st before GOT and it will be lame as per usual.
  •  On premiere night Eric and Sookie will be seen BEFORE the opening credits.
  • Sookie


  • June 16th
  • I agree first promo will be 3/31 before GOT. I don’t care if its lame… I just want something!
  • I think Eric and Sookie will be before the credits
  • Eric


  •  June 9th. 
  • First promo will be released on March 31st during GoT’s premiere. 
  • Eric and Sookie will be seen BEFORE the opening credits…kind of a repeat from the finale.
  • Jason


  • June 16th
  • Promo on March 31st
  • Sookie and Eric will appear before titles
  • Jason

And with that… our first predictions of the season are locked. Time will tell on who was right and who was off the wagon :)

Are you ready to play along? Tell us what you think below!

*** As this is a practice round, the results will not be used unless there is a tie we need to break at the end of the season.


** Clarification: Each answer to each question will either be right or wrong, partial credit will only be awarded during the regular season.

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Really, there is never enough Eric... I'm loyal to the Viking, no matter what. I will love him whether in Book, Show, and just because... my first thoughts are of him and I close my eyes to dream of him. As far as I'm concerned, the night can not get here soon enough.

11 comments on “Bloody Predictions… The Preseason

  1. As much as I want Eric to swoop Sookie up and fly them out of there, I have a feeling the premiere will start with them both running in opposite directions and going their separate ways, not meeting up again until a few episodes later. I hope not, but you never know with this show.

    • Yeah, I feel the same way too, Tammy. And I think right before the credits roll…we’ll see Billith roaring like an elephant…LOL

  2. Nice theories,guys. :D I have to agreed,I don’t want to see So okie kissing Ben or jump in bed with him. He`s butt ugly.

  3. June 16
    March 31
    Eric and Sookie before credits
    I figure they will want all the Beehl lovers to know he is still alive and well.

  4. I’m sticking with Evie on this one!! Lets’ see whos’ right……..Good Luck Ladies!!!!!

  5. Virgin here, bear with me…
    June 9th
    March 31st
    before Credits
    Nora dont hate me, since the writers have been off the wall lately…. i figure it to be her waiting for Eric

    i would perfer it be Eric picking up Sookie and running with her and take to the air to get away from Billith but i figure that’s only what the viewers want not the writers

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  7. June 9th
    March 31st
    Eric and Sookie before credits

  8. June 23 (season is 2 weeks shorter this year & they will probably want to end at the same time)
    Mar 31
    Before opening credits

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