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Well, it seems True Blood has not learned it’s lesson and has pulled another ‘doozie’ out of there hats! It seems one (or more) of Andy’s fairy daughters is (almost) all grown up. If you don’t believe me, here is the proof (I know you believe me but want to see the proof anyway)!


It seems that she will appear in episode 3 of this 6th season. IMDB

Do you all have questions? I am sure you do, because I have several!

1. Sookie is half fae and she never grew up that fast. Is True Blood once again ignoring their own previously established mythology? The answer would be a resounding yes! Do they care about continuity? The answer is HELL NO!

2. What about the OTHER 3 daughters his fairy lover had on that pool table at Merlotte’s? Will she be playing all of the daughter’s or is only one allowed to grow up fast. Hell was it four daughters? I cannot remember because I really could care less!

Does it even matter at this point? Either way, it makes no damn sense whatsoever. I really wish the writers could see what an absolute mockery they have made out of this show for it has gone to hell in a hand-basket. It really is a train wreck and I wish I could hop off this crazy ride but I cannot, YET anyway! What would I have to give fangpinions on then?

I feel like the writers are flying by the seat of their pants and just trying to get something out there, EVERY SEASON! It seems they wave their magic wand and repeat “Put em together and what have you got?………”


Until my next fangpinion… See ya!!

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25 comments on “JMFO:Bibbity Bobbity Boo

  1. I agree. These writers are a bunch of hacks.


  3. Thanks for the Great Fangpinion nymerias!!!! I agree with you about the Andys’ daughters, I remember tho’ when I read the casting call for them, they were looking for all 4 girls but who knows anymore. Maybe part of the reason Hudis got canned from the show. I just can’t stand the way TB writers screw up their own mythology either!!! I mean what could the time lapse be between the end of season 5 and the start of season 6, a matter of days, weeks at most and the quads go from newborn to like 8 in a matter of that time period??? I agree what crap!!!

    I also think that they are running behind in filming this season as I believe they are changing some of the eppys that they already wrote. Could explain why they had this last weekend off i.e. Kristin went on a weekend trip and Alex was at SXSW. I’ve read so many articles that have been out there about RH joining the cast they have been saying that hes’ playing Macklyn Warlow which I know must be untrue, since we’ve seen the photos of he and Ryan/Jason shooting daytime scenes together. Which I think if he was Warlow he wouldn’t be friends with Jason!!!

    Who the Hell knows?????? I just take it all with a grain of salt and say, “wait til the season starts”. There, now I feel better too!!!!

  4. Ah man, if they screw this season up – only 10 episodes – with HBO hopping on the Game of Thrones hype, I don’t think the network will pick it up for a 7th season. I don’t think actors like Alexander Skarsgard will want to keep doing it if it goes down hill. He doesn’t need to keep doing it, just to be doing it, if it is not good, he has many, many more opportunities out there. Y’all know how that goes, no Eric (Wow it hurts to even write that) then no more True Blood for me – as Eric once put – “True Blood, it will keep you alive, but bore you to death.” Let’s hope not!!

  5. I totally agree – if it wasn’t for the fact that Iove to watch Alex I wouldn’t bother. I just don’t get where they’re trying to go with the storyline now. It’s so far away from the original story that I suppose anything goes! One good thing though – if Rutger Hauer really is going to play Niall then they finally got something right. He’s an excellent choice.

    • I don’t yet know how I feel about RH being Niall. I knew TB would go a little crazy with the character of Niall, as in the wild hair so I pictured Bowie. Book Niall, I pictured nice suits and sometimes wearing all white. My picture of him is therefore mixed up. lol

  6. Way too many story lines . All this other stuff is bull they need to focus on the main characters instead of adding ones . Today they back filming from 7am – 12am .I saw on twitter . Don’t know what episode they on now ? It is starting to be a little tiresome . Only ten episodes no promos no hype about it . Don’t get it at all ?

  7. I think this supports my theory that the four little fairy girls they were casting for this episode were not in a flashback (which was the original speculation) but that they are all four Andy’s fairy daughters. It does make sense to me that they would continue to grow at an accelerated rate after the week-long pregnancy their mother had, so I am not surprised at this. With Sookie, people keep saying she is “half-fae,” but if the fae blood entered her line a few great-grandparents back, she is probably only a small fraction of fae.

    • Well, that makes no sense really then she would not be so important to Warlow. Of course, that is JMO. Also, it was confirmed by the fairy in the club that Sookie is half fae.

  8. Hello Truebies. Waves. Well Andy had sex with Maurella on two seperate occasions. Once in the field, with light finger (phone home ET) and all. The second time was at the fairy club. Now we saw that Maurella had the quadruplets from the second coupling but we never saw the offspring from her first coupling with Andy. Wow, Andy you sure do get around. *Winks* So the casting could be for the first child. Which would make sense in regards to her being full grown. We know that time is accelerated in fairy land. So the child would be grown while the quadruplets and Sookie would age at a more appropriate rate. I hope this all makes sense. IMO of course.

    • it does in a way but if that was the case then she would have given that child to him as well She made it sound like this was his duty, but we shall see.

  9. This is my face being surprised…oh, wait – sorry, that’s my “I need coffee before I try to figure out the convoluted almost-plot of THIS season’s True Blood” face. Geez. The cast wasn’t bloated enough, and the almost-plots weren’t convoluted enough…so they had to go and add KIDS to the mix? Awww, com’on……..what OTHER plot skrew-ups are they going to employ just to keep Eric and Sookie from having screen-time?

  10. You have got to be f*cking kidding me! They are going down that road, with Andy’s kids being grown. Why should we have expected any thing else? All they do is disappoint. I’m done hoping for an Eric and Sookie reunion. I don’t see it happening.

  11. I can understand it from a practical perspective. Working with kids is easier than babies, and regulations are slightly more lenient since they can film a few hours longer.

    I assume they’ll justify it as Maurella and Andy’s offspring having a full Fae mother whereas Sookie’s ancestry is more watered down…isn’t she an eigth or something? I would buy that purely because I’d rather see them grow up quicker. Lots of cutsie babies on a show like this doesn’t appeal to me and I think there’s more comedic and dramatic potential with them older.

    • She is an 1/8 in the book but not the show. She was told and I quote that ‘you are only half fae’ and her powers would fae if she did not use them. So by that token, Andy’s children wold be half as well.

      • Why go down that road at all? They should just forget the kids altogether. Can’t remember what season it was that they introduced Hunter, and we’ve seen hide nor hair from him since! It must have been when they were still picking things out of the books to add to the show. Their writing has changed, now they don’t want anything to resemble the books. We are just gluttons for punishment.

        • It gets confusing in the show when they use halfling for everyone not full Fae. They do need to straighten out the mythology there but I figure I’ll probably let it slide to see the storyline wrapped up quickly.

          I am slightly dreading yet more Fae being introduced…and I assume Rutger Hauer is one too from the Bilbo Baggins pics. I don’t get how they keep going down that route when fans really aren’t responding to it but of they insist I hope they at least bring in the Fae wars.

          I do think Andy with kids could be fun as a little comic relief side storyline (and I’m hoping they at least use it to tie the human supporting characters into the main supe storylines) but I hope it doesn’t get. a lot of airtime or dragged out much. Agree with you too luvvamps, we haven’t seen much of Arlene’s kids since S2 either and I’m fine with that.

        • Hard telling why they do the things they do especially since none of it makes any sense.

  12. Just figured it out aye?
    I doubt we will be seeing much of Eric this next season, just some tokenism- easy money for him lol.
    Poor deluded TB fans

  13. Great fangpinion piece, Nymerias! :) ICAM…it seems they need a mythology editor and a continuity editor as much as CH needs one. LOL I wish they would stop concentrating on all the side stories and just concentrate on Eric and Sookie… :(

    I have to say…thanks, now that stupid song is stuck in my head! ARGH! LOL

  14. I want to watch this year but I don’t know if I can take anymore it’s a difference between love and being a fool and the writers are making both Eric and Sookie look WOW….I wish gran could come back and smack some sense into the writers for portraying Sookie’s character to be what she hated the most about Jason and allowing Bill to make a mockery of her Southern upbringing Season 5 did it for me this year I will play it by ear this year. The fairy babies are grown up WOW and no comment on the Billith and Warlow storyline. I was hoping to hear Sookie and Eric pledged to save her from Warlow maybe and she finally realizes what was in front of her face all along.

  15. Ditto for me. It doesn’t seem to matter to writers/producers what both fans and critics have said about all these insane side plots about supporting characters. ESPECIALLY when there are already less episodes this season. I’m trying not to think about it and just take each episode as it comes in June…isn’t it weird there haven’t been any teasers btw? I thought in the last few years, we’d had some by now? Maybe not…I have to believe there will be one before Game of thrones premiere on 3/31!

    • I think we will get something when GOT starts but not before. That first teaser will be lame I bet but it will be something. I wish though that it would be something that will grab my attention and hold it. Who am I kidding? They do not listen to critics or fans.

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  17. Thanks Nymerias! This particular story line doesn’t bother me personally, but I admit there were too many cooks spoiling the soup last season. Too many story lines and none of them had anything to do with each other. The characters I was genuniely curious about, like Lafayette, had about 10 minutes of screen time the whole season. Too much Ifrit. Trying to work around Anna’s pregnancy might have had something to do with it too. Clearly she couldn’t film a love scene. I also hate Jessica with Jason, I was a Hoyt fan before they turned him into a lunatic. Obviously everyone here wants Sookie with Eric this season, but since each season is at least peppered with the book, I don’t see that happening. But the majority is now with us! Something like 80% of viewers prefer Sookie with Eric. I don’t know where they’re going with Billith but it’s just dumb. We shall see. They said there would be a war this season, and I presume it’s the fae war. Alan Ball said they were going to put some elements of later books into it.

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