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If we have learnt one thing over the years here at E&SL, it’s that when you get photographic skarsporn, video footage will undoubtedly follow. Here are a couple of short videos of Alexander Skarsgard at the SXSW Festival on Saturday. The first is with fans and the second is a brief interview, both from the red carpet. Enjoy!

As usual if we come across any more, we will make it our sworn duty to bring them to you right here!

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6 comments on “Alex at SXSW Festival – Videos

  1. The girl who asked him for a hug, I want one so badly…lol!

    • She is a member of “bookies <3 True Blood" Group. To say she is thrilled is the understatement of the year! All reports so far seem to be that he is the nicest guy ever when he knows fans have been waiting for him :)

      • Yeah, that would make my entire life if I ever got the chance to meet Alex. I love how he is with fans, I have yet to see anything bad being said about him.

  2. I really want to thank you Evie for posting these for us. Yes, I think that Alex is the most genteel actor out there. He is so acommodating to his fans. I also was proud of the fans, they weren’t acting all crazy and stuff. Thats’ why Alex was more than happy to pose and sign for them. The interview part was a little hard to hear, what with all the background talking etc. but I did love his answers too!!!

  3. I live in Austin, but was house hunting Saturday. :-( I didn’t know Alex was gonna be here! I can’t believe I missed him….arrrrhhhh.

  4. […] have some more coverage from the SXSW Film Festival…this time it’s in video form! Go ahead…watch it now…okay, maybe not THIS […]

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