Alexander Skarsgård Is A Man of the World

latestnewsWe wanted to give you the head’s up…because you’re going to want THIS issue of “Man of the World” magazine!

Alexander Skarsgård is featured on the cover of the issue, looking all hot and scruffy – making all of us hot and bothered. It’s available for pre-sale NOW, which they’ll ship to you on April 1st, 2013!

Here’s a preview of what you’ll find in this issue…


If you’d like to pre-order this issue, please click here!

I have a funny feeling this will be one of their best-selling issues…EVER!

Are you going to get your hands on this or not? Share your thoughts below…

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5 comments on “Alexander Skarsgård Is A Man of the World

  1. OMG do I have to get my hands on this magazine!!!
    And I have to see those photos!!!
    Can’t wait for Season 6 of True Blood.

  2. I don’t know if I want to spend $16 for a cover photo of Alex, I mean I am obsessed by him and all, but I think its’ a bit steep for a picture of him. Maybe if I had more disposable income I’d feel differently about it. I’d rather donate $ to one of his charities instead, at least its’ more than a photo.

    • Well, I’m sure there would be pictures of him inside the magazine, but yeah, I’ll just wait until someone posts them online.

  3. […] if we needed any added incentive to pre-order the Alexander Skarsgård cover of Man of the World, the scans of the editorial have made their way […]

  4. […] a better way than to start this issue than some more Skarsporn?! Alexander Skarsgard is “A Man of The World” and this proves it! He will be featured in the newest issue of the magazine which you can pre-order […]

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