EW Poll: Greatest TV Couple of All Time

latest pollYou better get your voting fingers ready for this one!

Entertainment Weekly would like to know who you think is the Greatest TV Couple of All Time? Of course, we wouldn’t be posting this if it didn’t have something to do with Eric and Sookie.

They are up against that pesky couple (where one of them just…won’t stay goo) Bill and Sookie from True Blood. Ugh…him again? It goes without saying, we definitely don’t want to see Bill win this one. They’re history as far as I’m concerned and Bill is now Billith. Besides, how can anybody root for Billith? He’s not even a vampire anymore and is he even real?

Image credit: HBO/EW.com

Image credit: HBO/EW.com

I’ll quit rambling on with my own thoughts on this poll and just say, everybody to go over there and vote, vote, vote!

Cast your votes here!

Thanks Eric & Sookie Lovers!

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26 comments on “EW Poll: Greatest TV Couple of All Time

  1. Wow, some of those people in there are ridiculous. Yeah, we definitely want Eric to kick ass in this one. So far they’re in the lead, but we know how pathetic the Bill fans are with voting constantly just to get their precious Bill ahead.

    • and they accuse US of robo-voting? LOL

      • LOL, I know, right? I got a good laugh at that. We don’t have to, there are just way more of us.

        • And the ones who wanted it to be Eric and Bill because they’re hot together? Excuse me while I throw up in my mouth a little bit.

          • I’m sure those were only joking because it’s as ridiculous as voting for Bill and Sookie since Bill is Billith. LOL ;)

          • It was hard to tell who was joking and who was being serious, but that one who came out and said they prefer Bill and Sookie because Anna and Stephen are married in real life, I have to hope was not being serious because that is a stupid thing to admit, but I wouldn’t put anything past them.

        • EXACTLY. They just can’t handle the truth. ;)

  2. Theres’ something afoot over there as I’ve been trying to cast my Eric and Sookie vote since this AM and it won’t let me vote!!!!! I’m going to try again right now………….

    • PS Its’ still not working for me, the page just “sits” there and doesn’t do anything, I’ve tried every possible way to get this site (EW) to work for me and zip, zilch, nada…………..

      • That sucks, it works fine for me. I’ve managed to vote several times now.

      • Can you see a poll box over at EW? It’s underneath their words and above the comments and advertisements. It looks like our Icon of the Month poll at the bottom of the post.

        • Yep Erika, and I mark my vote then hit the button and nothing happens and then my screen freezes up. Idk, maybe my ‘puter has a block on EW site or something, as I’ve never had that problem with any of the other polls that I do. I guess on this one, I’ll just have to leave it in the capable hands of all my E&S lovin’ sisters (if everyone cast one vote for me, I’d appreciate it!!) Thanks bunches!!!!!

          • I went to the EW site this morning to vote again and it took forever to vote. The site is really slow today. I don’t want to vote for Beehl and Sookie to see if a vote for them is faster. It seems pretty fishy to me. I got a couple more votes in though. There is no way for Beehl and Sookie to catch up.

  3. How can i vote? It says that i can vote below, on that site,
    but i don’t see a link :s ..
    I could only post a comment :( I want to vote for my favourite couple ..

    • There is a poll box in their post on the link we posted. The link we posted is in a big red font, which says, “Cast your votes here”

      • I clicked on the link above, but i mean i can’t find a link to the poll on the site of Entertainment Weekly. And i really want to vote.

  4. This was me vote refresh, vote refresh, vote refresh. Bill doesn’t stand a chance. I’ll go back later and try some more. redthang914 I’ll even vote a couple times for you too!

  5. OMG some of the ppl on that board are crazy?? Really believe what they are writing they need to get a life!! Crazy

  6. I am LMAO at some of the comments over there! Without a doubt of course it’s E/S for me!!

  7. Voted for Eric and Sookie! Though, wow, there is a bucket load of crazy going on in the comments section.

  8. just voted…but it seems that BL took over comment section

  9. Go vote ppl we went down to 80% on ale beel ppl have 19% I want to kick there fans Ass!! Lol!!

  10. […] Team Bill (Yes, believe it or not he still has a team) in EW.com’s poll to determine – Who is the Greatest TV Couple of All-Time? At the time of this newsletter, Eric is still in the lead with over 81%…but let’s make […]

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