True Blood 6.03 – “Abducted” Casting News


This isn’t much…but we thought we’d put this out there for those who are keeping track of the 20,000,000 characters being cast for True Blood Season 6!

WARNING: If you don’t want to know – don’t read below!

spoiler warning


Thanks to Spoiler TV and Toni over at TBConfidential for the heads up.

not much of a spoiler but character actor John Fleck has been added to the cast in a reccuring role, Dr Overlark, a “ruthless advisor to Governor Burrell”, he shows up in episode 3.

Source: breakdownexpress

John Fleck has appeared in Bones, Weeds, Criminal Minds, Waterworld – among many other roles.

As for his role on True Blood…it sure sounds like he will be Governor Burrell’s right hand man.

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9 comments on “True Blood 6.03 – “Abducted” Casting News

  1. I had to LOL when I read your post about the 20,000,000 characters on season 6 Erika, you’re quite the comedian, Ha, Ha, Ha……. Truthfully, I really don’t give a rats’ patootie about all the extra cast members this season, ’cause it sounds like they’re going to screw up the plot(s) once again anyway……… But, Thanks for telling us (I guess)…..
    I’ll be happy when they start giving us a few little snippet trailers about the new season which I would think won’t be too long forthcoming now. At least I can hope……once, again, I’ll believe it when I see it.

  2. Ooh! *claps hands* They’ve cast Dr Overlark, a “ruthless advisor to Governor Burrell”. I’m so excited about this! [/sarcasm]

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  4. Who cares . Where are the Eric summaries ? I want to see the hot viking .

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